Eleven Moments that Took My Breath Away

Standing in the Peace Garden in Central Park and seeing the tears of people reading ‘Imagine.’

Sunrise over the Taj Mahal, Agra.

Feeling my own tears at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC.

Watching Anapurna blush pink at sunrise.

Inscription on the tomb of the Black Prince in Canterbury Cathedral.

Sunset at Leela Beach, Kho Pha Ngan

The chapel of the Black Madonna in Barcelona.

First sight of the Himalaya from a plane.

The burning ghat at Varanasi.

Prayer for Whirled Peas at the 20th Gathering of the Rainbow Family of Living Light.

The Fire in your Eyes, the Light in your Face.

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Love To Die For: The Erotic Adventures of Captain Harry West


Love To Die For: The Erotic Adventures of Captain Harry West.  Look inside and buy now with a click!

Coming Soon: Taoist Tantra, Sexual Secrets of Love

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Love to Die For: Last of 27 THE INITIATION OF SU NU

Loins aching, lips a-tingle and mind ablaze, Su Nu set out from the cave. The Fang Shi had guided her by hills and open meadows, through forest and down valley, along a stream and behind a waterfall. He felt through the slippery entrance for materials to kindle fire, blew red embers to heat her body, opening her to his whispered stories of the Golden Lotus, the Jade Stalk, Bamboo Grove and Strumming Lute.

His hands molded to her shape as they lay on sheepskins, fire in their cheeks. She thought him a handsome man with his short black triple-forked beard and wild hair bound in the red band of a trance-healer, a Master of the Formula. Their kind had no lineage and roamed alone, falling in fits and healing the sick. Rumors ran of gatherings under the black moon, circles of fire and the calling of beasts. Mediator with Spirit, he held all in thrall with his shadowed eyes. A flick of his horsehair whisk could make people sleep and talk at the same time, walk on hot stones and feel no pain. Master of magic and fighting arts, demon-killing sword strapped to his back, he tarried in the forest. Villagers brought food and gifts to barter for healing and learning.

He told her of the days when the Fang Shi flourished, of the open teachings of the Lady, then of persecution by those who taught celibacy in defiance of the Goddess.

Now we hide and practice without drums, rattles, robes or other articles of our craft, wearing the headband far from the cities. Now you cannot tell a sage by his clothes. Hidden Masters, our influence waned. But now we come again, to penetrate the inner courts.

His soft voice aroused her, and the warmth of the fire her body. He laid a hand on her belly, the center of her being, the cinnabar field.  Our rites are secret, he said, because they are real. Her heart throbbed.

He moved his other hand to her breast. Give up the known and comfortable. His touch was hot through the cloth. To awaken, seek the hard. Her nipple rose to his palm. I will teach you the first step, the Solo Rite. Find others for Clouds and Rain, Three Treasures and Sacred Geometry, Five Flavors and beyond…

She whispered, Only you …

Drop attachment, exhaust desire. Then you shall sit in the Circle of High Degree, of Double-Masters of Yin and Yang. Talking, lightly tapping fingers on her chest to make the points, he rested his palm on her skin, for the fabric had slipped, in the wayward way of clothing.  On the cusp of womanhood and a-twitch with curiosity she found much of what he said hard to understand and some hard to believe, and did she care? She was lying in his cave, on sheepskins beside a fire, held by the man held in awe by her family and the whole village; and his hand was in her blouse.

Stories hide codes, but codes without practice are empty, Su Nu, he said, What use is knowing the five flavors, without blending them to make the five pleasures? Only the adept sees through the veil. Flames dancing in his eyes, the Master opened his pouch and showed her his fruit packed inside. Peeling back the skin he fed her in ritual fashion, inserting little by little. She savored the taste. Soon his hands slid from her face to her shoulders, speeding her heart as they slipped down to her fingers. He guided her to fan her arousal, then watched. She was tentative, embarrassed yet fascinated by his pleasure.

Now she waited for her first moon, to be taken by the Master, he who lay beside her now, breathing secrets in her ear.  To understand Life, he murmured, one must understand where Life begins, and where, most often, Life ends.


*Yes, there’s more to this story, and many more Erotic Adventures of Captain Harry West, so read on with a click here!

This is the final extract from a Story a Week for 27 Weeks.  You can buy them now with a click!

Coming Soon: Taoist Tantra, Sexual Secrets of Love

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Love To Die For 26 of 27 KIDNAPPED!

Ah Mee, kidnapped by professional cherry-pickers, was carried across country for days in an oxcart. She could have escaped. In the strange friendship that grew between captor and captive as they traveled by day, and deceived by her obvious pleasure in their sexual fun when they played by night, the kidnappers neglected bonds and blindfold. Her cherry was to be preserved so they did not intrude, but wanted to watch her at her Solo Rite.

Now, you are the Three Treasures, and I the empty space, she began. The men played along with some impatience as if humoring a child.

Ah Mee began her practice of Self-Love, slowly and gently, but they pleasured themselves to climax at thrashing speed. Mongs mighty fist hammered like a woodpecker at his surprisingly small red stalk as he lay with knees bent, giant legs spread and robe rucked up, big round face turned towards her and eyes fixed on what he could see between her teasing fingers.

Ming, less blatant, concealed his action inside the blue robe as he sat propped against a tree-trunk watching her jutting breasts. It aroused her to see his hand moving in shadow as she caught a glimpse of his Jade Stalk: bent in a sideways curve the shape of Mongs hunting bow. She wanted to see, to feel with her hands and to suck.

Come, Ah Ming, show me, she wheedled, lifting her hem. She straddled Mong, lowering herself on to him, not inside but riding his little rod, her slippery lips sliding back and forth along its ridge, hips at the gallop, squeezing her nipples and pushing them out at Ming, holding his eager gaze, beckoning him until he stood in front of her, astride over Mongs face, robe aloft. She took that tempting curve into her mouth, while his hands on her shoulders shook with ecstasy.

Her lascivious delight astonished herself as much as them. She lay back on Mongs great legs and bucked, fingers frantic on bud and breast. Their excitement intensified and she felt Mings lips sucking her and Poon joined in too, until she knew not which was part of who, as hot juice ran down her face and belly. She smeared it over her skin.

Poon rolled away to lie face down, buttocks bared to the sky, truncheon rubbing between hand and leg. He got a crick in his neck from trying to watch Ah Mee at the same time but his climax was instant when she obeyed his gasping order: Show me your butt! Kneeling on Mongs chest she turned and poked it out, holding her rear open until she heard his grunts of ecstasy. Men are so easily pleased, she thought….

She tried to take the three of them into her mouth at once. Two, yes, all they had to do was press against each other standing up or lying down. In all other positions their bodies got in the way.

Sometimes one or another had trouble getting hard, or climaxed too fast and lost interest for a time. She saw how they all rose stiff in the morning, yet lost it after urinating. She learned their tastes, their grunts and cries and shouts and roars, points of arousal and places to calm, whether they liked to see, to hear or to touch.

How did you know I was a virgin? she asked one day as the cart creaked its endless way. You might have captured anyone. How can you tell?

Its the way they move their body. Kind of not knowing what its for. And theres a look in the eyes, and how they talk,‘ said Poon.

Innocence. said Ming…


*Yes, there’s more to this story, and many more Erotic Adventures of Captain Harry West, so read on with a click here!

Extract from a Story a Week for 27 Weeks, so come back soon – or take the short path and buy them now with a click!

Coming Soon: Taoist Tantra, Sexual Secrets of Love

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Love to Die For 25/27 RAIDERS OF THE KHAN – A Story by Jen

There are many legends of China long ago, of pirates in the eastern seas, bandits in western lands, desert nomads, raiding on horseback. My story is about Ah Su, like me, a virgin but, unlike me, without experience of men. Elder daughter of a noble house, she was betrothed to the younger son of her father’s vassal. They said he was handsome. Her father sent her with guards, gifts and treasures, across a stretch of desert to the lands of her future husband.

The Raiders of the Khan attacked her bridal caravan, storming through in a cloud of dust. The escort had no defense against the horned bows of that thundering herd. Terrified cries of her relatives and bodyguards drowned in the bandits’ whoops of triumph. They came in like a whirlwind and rode the same away, blood of the slain seeping into the sand, Ah Su slung across the neck of a galloping horse, hair undone and whipping in the wind.

They flew over barren hills to an encampment, a low tent floored with skins and hung with colored cloths woven by the women of the tribe in the long evenings of nomadic life. When her captor lifted Ah Su from his horse his gentleness surprised her. She stood by its sweating flank, her lovely yellow dress flecked in foam. He fondled the horse’s ears, pulled off the sheepskin saddlecloth, and slapped its rump. She remembered her silly girlish thought as it trotted away, ‘How will I get home now?’ but then he turned to her and she found herself looking into slitted eyes of startling violet, lips wide and red as the cloth binding his brow. And he smiled, showing teeth so white she wished they were hers.

She had never set eyes on the princeling to whom she was pledged so felt no disappointment at losing a lover, only dwindling regret that she would not be able to fulfil the contract between their families. These thoughts came later because in that moment she felt a thousand feelings new to her sheltered palace life. The very smell of him was overwhelming, horse sweat and manliness, the light of victory in his broad flat face, and pride! He had captured a duke’s daughter, and the riches of her wedding entourage.

He seized her round the waist and pulled her close, her breasts crushed against his wolf skin-clad chest. His skin was a light brown and those eyes tilted up at the corners made his face look ever cheerful. He was the son of a Khan who once raided far to the northwest and carried off a fair-haired blue-eyed girl from the land of snows. Ah Su knew her later, wondering what her own child would look like.

She was ready for love, thinking of her wedding night, preparing herself for an ordeal with a stranger. Temeluk was a stranger but there was something …different…they connected that night, body, mind and soul.

He sat at her feet, and sang to her in his tented chamber. She knew none of the words but all of the meaning. His voice melted her heart, and she opened to him like a rain-kissed flower. Watching his face in the flickering light of the sand-lamp and hearing his songs she felt her heart beat and body heat. She wanted to be naked, to touch his skin and stroke his spirit-hair and, even as she had that thought, he reached out …


*Yes, there’s more to this story, and many more Erotic Adventures of Captain Harry West, so read on with a click here!

Extract from a Story a Week for 27 Weeks, so come back soon – or take the short path and buy them now with a click!

Coming Soon: Taoist Tantra, Sexual Secrets of Love

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Songs of the Beasts

The Yellow Emperor summoned the Twelve Beasts of the Cosmic Zodiac and bade each sing him a song

I Will Survive, squeaked Rat

Ox  lowed, Everything’s Alright

I Light the Night, roared Tiger

Rabbit whispered, Imagine All at Peace

Higher and Higher, sang Dragon

Snake hissed, I Have No Hands To Be Tied

I Wanna Be Free, neighed Horse

Sheep bleated,  All I Need Is Love

Let Me Entertain You, chattered Monkey

Rooster crowed, Look At Me Now

I’m Your Best Friend, barked Dog

Pig grunted, I’m Everybody’s Friend

Huang Ti clapped in applause.  ‘What about you, Boss?’ chorused the Beasts.

‘Well done, Beasts,’ declared the Emperor, ‘for minimising YouTube ad pollution….’

‘Sing!’ they yelled.

You won’t get any sleep,’ he said.  See what they thought of his song.

What Beast are you?  Do you like your Song?  Or what Song would you like instead?

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Sweetening Sweetie

We’d had her a while but she looked like she was pining after we moved house.  You know how it is, you’re busy, you think ‘I’ll deal with it tomorrow,’ and next thing you have a crisis.  I asked someone who knew about these matters, but what they told me was too vague, really, didn’t give me the confidence I needed to take action.  So I went online to one of those web sites that give specialist advice.  I had to spend a little money and a day or two later the items arrived, with chillingly comprehensive instructions.  Couldn’t go wrong.  I printed them out in large font – didn’t want my glasses getting in the way in the struggle I knew was to come.

Gently I lifted her up, cleaned her up down there, and following the exact format probed around with a chopstick to get rid of the clingy bits.  Then came the challenge, holding her still while I snipped and trimmed.  Finally, moistening the bed, I stood her up and tied her in place with the special wire provided.

Now it’s a matter of wait and see.  She does look good.  We always knew they needed extra care and attention and sure thing I’ll make sure she gets it in the future.  Just looking at her gives me pleasure.  I completely understand Mr Miyagi’s love for his.  Now she is re-potted perhaps she will love me back.  When we bought her years ago we named her Sweetie 2, after our first bonsai went to bonsai heaven.

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