Getting the Edge with NLP


NLP is all about learning how to help yourself and others succeed, achieve ambitions, fulfil desires and solve problems, in short to get the edge, whether at work or play, business or healing, to become more effective!

It’s perfectly normal, isn’t it, to want a better life, achieve your ambitions and fulfil your desires, solve problems, let go some baggage, drop a few of those unnecessary habits – especially the more expensive ones! Lose a few fears or phobias, even help others do the same. Funnily enough, once we’ve started on something it seems to spread into other areas, a kind of virtuous cycle of well-being, satisfaction, achievement, from the magnificent to the mundane…and it is surprisingly easy to change our mindset.  Anyone who wants to can do it. We can reframe for positivity, or success, creativity, motivation, organisation, health, happiness…you choose. We can do it, even if we have become used to strong negative beliefs since childhood.

Reframing mindset means to let go conditioned thought-patterns put upon us by others, to replace those thoughts with new more useful patterns to lead the life we want, think our own thoughts, reclaim our power. We can feel the difference, and see improvement in communication, at home, at work, or out and about – social situations, sports, helping others, for example and by example!

Like to Learn More? Click to see all about Certified Practitioner Training (March 21 thru 28) and an evening Free Talk and Demonstration on Wednesday 2nd March. I look forward to welcoming you!

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A Plague on All their Houses

Keyboard Warriors, Quoters and Haters, Copycats and Plagiarists, behold befuddled masses yawning to breathe free from the wretched refuse of Social Media, that new International State of Mind free from restraint or rules of any kind masticating the mindless minus any moment of original thought: ah the joy of freedom!  Cut to creativity!

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The Guru of Waikiki


A comment a few weeks ago on one of my fb posts reminded me of what I wrote some ten or more years back:

‘Sitting in the Tao Garden I noticed a young man giving me the keen interested glances of someone seeing someone he thought might be a highly evolved spiritual being. I was cultivating the long hair and dreamy countenance of one with his mind on higher things and accordingly bedecked with bracelets and bangles, ear-ring and beads, clothed in ethnic trousers, sandals and one of those guru-shirts that lend an aura of peace and serenity. Id recently attended a Vipassana retreat too, so must have looked pretty holy, perhaps even halogenically enlightened.

His bow, almost a walking prostration, as the young man approached showed the immense measure of respect with which he had decided to endow the presentation of me that I was offering the world at the time. His first words, uttered as if in a cathedral or the presence of a cathedral spirit, caressed my ego.

May I speak with you? he said, sounding American. Graciously I inclined my head. He continued, I feel I can learn many things from you.

How can I help you? I said in a conversational tone and my normal English accent.

His eyes, lowered until he heard my voice, looked up startled, Where are you from? he asked.

London, England, I replied.

His face fell as fast as he stood upright. London? England?

I tried the gracious nod again but it bounced off the wall of indignation forming around him as he stared angrily at my clothes, my hair, bracelets, beads and sandals, and took a step back.

I thought you might have been a…from…. I thought I might have learned something from you, he said like a child to a broken promise.

I was curious. Learned something like what?

Something, oh I dont know, wise stuff. Yeah, some wisdom.

Maybe you have, I said after him, as he walked away under his disappointed cloud, seeking a distant truth.

You know what they say: nowadays the westerners wear the robes, the gurus drive the Mercedes.

I got my hair cut, chucked the ornamentation. I bought cool gear in Waikiki boutiques, signed up for NLP with Richard Bandler. Nobody mistakes me for a medicine-man any more.’

From finding Spirit in Zen Shiatsu.

In the years since, I have observed how people invest one with whatever qualities, characteristics or failings they choose.  When you point a finger, notice the three pointing back at you!

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Happy New Year: Thanks and Blessings

Here from these islands of love and peace where my beloved and I come to refresh, recharge, relax and and revitalise, reflecting on the year that has passed, my mind turned to the many who made 2015 such a good year, supporting and and enabling us to continue the work – and – play to which we have dedicated our lives.

Here we also get inspiration: ideas for the new courses and events to entice you further along the path of doing what you love, with all the benefits that go along with dreams fulfilled.  I have a special message for you who follow the Tao with us, and another for the NLPeople, but first, my thanks:

Above all, to those who gave their time and energy to joining us on our courses, both NLP and Healing Tao.

Congratulations to 2015’s crop of NLP Masters: Adrian Joseph, Alyson Ames and Depika Mistry, and thanks to Alex Reece, Ivana Garcia, Marcus Velden and Rowan Hand for making the time to assist me on  Masters and Practitioner trainings.  Welcome to the Practitioner listings to Ann Ayton and Jason Denman.  Well done to all of the above!

Congratulations too to four outstanding Qigong Practitioners who achieved Advanced Level at Qigong Teacher Training: Alex Reece, Máire Ni Ghiobaláin, Paul (Eddy) Grant and Samara Hawthorn.  Well done too to those who attained the Intermediate Level qualification: Alex Cavey, Chris McDermott, Ciara Mulvey, Conor Kelly, Diana Baynes, Maria-Elena Alvarez, Peter Littlejohn-Cook; and Minerva Gutiérrez who reached Basic.  And special thanks to Peter for hosting a wonderful retreat.

We had a great Tai Chi Camp at the Secret Valley in Wales, hosted by Samara Hawthorn.  The next will be in 2017 because this year, 2016, will see the second Tai Chi Teacher Training in Portugal, with opportunities to train and or upgrade as a Tai Chi Teacher recognised by the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain – overseas members welcome too!

We had a really fantastic response to our Dublin workshops, hosted by Máire Ni Ghiobaláin, running a Step 1 for Women, Step 1 for Men, a combined Step 2, and a wonderful Step 3. WE are both so much looking forward to returning to the warmth and hospitality of the Emerald Isle.

I’d also like to thank Gawain Forster and Alex Boylan for hosting my Step 1 in Manchester, and look forward to returning this year.

I’m sure there are many more I could thank, recognise and acknowledge but, y’know, the Hawaiian sunshine tends to to melt the brain a little.  So before I say Aloha Mahalo, I’d just like to mention something special for the dedicated Taoist:  for some years we have set a high standard for our Taoist Trainer Training (Step 8), including a number of pre-requisites before attending the training.

While maintaining that high standard, we have agreed that those who have completed the Step 5 can attend the Step 8 training: the pre-requisites will now be post-requisites.  In other words, when you’ve done Step 5 you are eligible to attend the next Step 8 training.  You will be awarded the Taoist Trainer Licence on completion of the post-requisites.  We will update the Step 8 web page and write to those eligible with more details soon.

For NLPeople, I’m offering you extra special deals to attend Healing Tao training – meet new people, make new connections, learn some amazing techniques that fit with NLP and increase your resources expo….

Happy New Year – Love and Blessings to you

Kris & Anamarta





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Children of the Rainbow

Great Spirit of the Tao and Mother Earth, we trust
The Children of the Rainbow
To keep the sanity of humanity.
Children of the Rainbow we ask
Go past the paralysis of analysis.
Children of the Rainbow we beg
Nurture, preserve and renew
Our Forests, Earth, Mountains and Waters
And let our Air be free so Sun
Can nourish us with Light.
The Children of the Rainbow hear us
For we are they and each of us
Is Mother Earth and Great Spirit of the Tao.
We have one face:
Our Sun.

Returning to Maui after a long long absence – twelve to fifteen years, maybe more – I find what I wrote then even closer to my heart now. I still have faith in the ultimate sanity of our human race although I have to say that faith is tested ever more!

But that is that and lunch is lunch: a truly grounding exercise and yesterday enjoyed in the delightful and grounding company of my beloved Anamarta and our friends Monika Nataraj and her partner David.  It was for me a privilege to be sharing a table with the two great teachers of feminine empowerment, and to meet a Dharma teacher who shares his tradition across the globe.  And the lunch was delicious and I ate too much – Cafe de Amis in Paia if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

Today is our last in hotel luxury.  Jet-lag over we are away to the beach camp to lie in the sun and dance in the waves, and take time to explore this magical island.

But first – shopping!  So happy our Foodland discount card is till valid :)


btw the expression Children of the Rainbow is how the people describe themselves on their journey through life.  I wrote about their shamanic healing practice in my article  for Positive Health magazine Aloha Mahalo Hawaii Huna Healing after my first visit.

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With the idea of sniffing out a new client or two, I’m hanging out at one of those social/professional networking events. I spy a tall man with a Harvey Specter haircut, velvet collared coat worth at least a year’s Living Wage – which for my cousins across the pond is about $15 per hour. Go figure.

We catch each other’s eye, kind of, standing by the coffee table. Turns out he is a materially successful investment banker seeking to spiritualize his mundane existence in a way to fit with commitments of work, family and social agenda. His words. Sounding like a recitation, from lips pasted into professional smile. Eyes darting left and right looking for…someone or something other than what is front of him right now. If you’ve shaken hands with a politician or movie star you’ll know what I mean.
‘So how do you find it?’
The eyes stopped for an instant. ‘What?’
‘The way.’
‘Sorry?’ Eyebrows up.
‘The way to spiritualize the mundane existence,’ careful to avoid pinning said existence on to him personally as he starts the journey of graduation from potential to actual client.
‘Oh.’ I guess he wasn’t used to being listened to. ‘Of course.’

You know how it is: conversations that are in reality competitions for air-time, waiting for you to stop talking so I can start.
‘I just go with the flow.’ Eyes slide away into the tired old mantra alive and well since the Sixties.
‘Down the plug-hole, then,’ I observed.
Eyes front! Mental gear-shift in a moment of interrupted thought. I could almost see the picture on the screen of his mind. Then he said, ‘Well, I’m a surfer, so if I didn’t go with the flow I’d never catch the wave.’ Eyes start their slide to the side.
‘Yeah,’ said I who finally learned to surf standing up aged 68, ‘and if you did go with the flow you’d never get out past the breakers to catch that wave.’
He stared at me.
‘Think salmon,’ I said.

Now we have a relationship.
Just another way to catch a client. We believe we’re doing such great work that the world will beat a path to our door. Let’s show them the door. Even open it for them.
Moral: Pay Attention. Lie in wait. Pay Attention. Pounce. Pay Attention.


Kris Deva North is a Licensed Trainer working out of London England at the Healing NLP Institute.
Kris will be running NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training in March and May 2016.

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Taoist Tantra – Inspiration

Sex, spirituality, exercise, meditation, enlightenment, daily life, work, play and relationships together form that glorious piece of work, the Human. We are always striving to make sense of things, to learn, to teach, to share, but most of all to understand. Why are we here? Are we here, really? And, if we are, why should we not be? And now that we are here, where do we go next?
We separate life into compartments, but life has its own way of catching us having sex at the office, or thinking about the game in church, or what’s for lunch during a boring lecture, or answering work emails at home or textual intercourse at work. Research shows how very much the human brain needs both distraction and focus. We all bring our own issues to the tantric table.

The Taoist Canon, a still largely untranslated body of work said to number between 4,000 and 10,000 volumes, by a multitude of authors, originating between 4,000 and 1200 BCE, interfered with over the millennia by governments and guardians censoring here and repeating there, can be either a minefield or a goldfield for research: a minefield if you seek consistency.

Since the mid-1980s, training with everyone from High Masters to Tantric Frauds, Chinese teachers in Mercedes, Indian gurus in Rolls Royces, Westerners in robes and beads, from those who know to those who say they know, from the genuine to the fake, reading everything from ancient texts to scientific studies, often tempted to dismiss it all as BS, I have learned that when you mine for gold you have to go through a load of dross before getting the nugget.

In my research I developed a fascination for Su Nu, the Plain Girl advisor to the Yellow Emperor. You meet her in the first and last chapters. How could an innocent Chinese girl from an ordinary family gather the knowledge and experience to gain the ear, and more, of the Son of Heaven, the Emperor of China, in the days when one false step could bring death.
For now, her knowledge, experience and wisdom, her blend of humanity and sensuality, are the inspiration for me writing this book, in the hope that I can make sense of these ancient esoteric practices that even today can so enhance our life, love, and relationships. And, who knows, find a way to return to the source, Union with the Divine.

Look Inside

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