Coming Events

Click on the links for full information and to join me at the events.
For Individual or Corporate Training (Tai Chi, QiGong, Meditation, NLP),
Chi Nei Tsang Treatments, or Healing NLP Consultations please email me
or call 0700 078 1195.

The first event of 2017 is the next series of 7-Step Tai Chi, starting on 7th February at 7.45pm, so if you like 7’s this is obviously the seventh heaven for you (sign up now?) – or just come on by and learn something new, or develop what you’ve achieved, with new friendships for a New Year – yes, it’s the Rooster, Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!

Although we actually celebrate a few days before on 31st January with a Free Talk on Taoist Shamanic Healing, and a lovely Jade Circle on 2nd February.

The full Four-Day Workshop on Secrets of Shamanic Healing runs Friday thru Monday 17th – 20th February: a popular event being open to all, but also a pre-requisite for Step 5 Candidates, as indeed is the Tai Chi Summer Retreat and Training Camp in the heart of beautiful Lincolnshire in July (not to be confused with Qigong Teacher Training in Portugal in August.)  What an abundance of wonderful practice to fulfil mind, body and spirit!  Get Booked for Summer!

March, packed with Springtime:  Workshops for Men and Women in London and Dublin, in fact so much going on you can see it all here with a click, and I will keep you updated almost weekly!


Click for the full Calendar of Courses, Dates, Locations and Costs


Click for our NEW CATALOG of Mantak Chia Books, Products, Digital Downloads (e-books & audios), Course Combination Savings and Special Savings on FREE DELIVERY Resource Packs


 For Jade Circle Anamarta Events please click here.

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