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Go Back to Sleep!

It’s as if we’ve just woken up and discovered that politicians lie.  Have they not since the the foundation of (a slave-owning) democracy in Athens?

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Enough Already!

Let the rivals of Fear and Hatred – Water and Fire – find harmony in Wisdom and Love. The Past is where it belongs – behind us, and the Future is what we make it.  Let us show now we … Continue reading

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All Over Bar the Voting

Just thought I’d save this till those who are going to have made up their mind but it did strike me as odd that we who for generations willingly gave our lives for our freedom and independence now seem unwilling … Continue reading

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Squeezing Oranges

Yesterday. Nine o’clock, morning.  In the kitchen.  Back from my early morning walk, twenty brisk minutes up and down the hill, a cup of English Breakfast tea halfway in Rosie Lee with a scan of the morning paper to catch … Continue reading

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