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A Plague on All their Houses

Keyboard Warriors, Quoters and Haters, Copycats and Plagiarists, behold befuddled masses yawning to breathe free from the wretched refuse of Social Media, that new International State of Mind free from restraint or rules of any kind masticating the mindless minus … Continue reading

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The Guru of Waikiki

A comment a few weeks ago on one of my fb posts reminded me of what I wrote some ten or more years back: ‘Sitting in the Tao Garden I noticed a young man giving me the keen interested glances … Continue reading

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Happy New Year: Thanks and Blessings

Here from these islands of love and peace where my beloved and I come to refresh, recharge, relax and and revitalise, reflecting on the year that has passed, my mind turned to the many who made 2015 such a good … Continue reading

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