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Songs of the Beasts

The Yellow Emperor summoned the Twelve Beasts of the Cosmic Zodiac and bade each sing him a song I Will Survive, squeaked Rat Ox  lowed, Everything’s Alright I Light the Night, roared Tiger Rabbit whispered, Imagine All at Peace Higher … Continue reading

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Sweetening Sweetie

We’d had her a while but she looked like she was pining after we moved house.  You know how it is, you’re busy, you think ‘I’ll deal with it tomorrow,’ and next thing you have a crisis.  I asked someone who knew … Continue reading

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What a beautiful feeling!  I love and enjoy my work.  After a really intensive 8-day teaching with a lovely group of people I awake this morning filled with the pleasure at the prospect of a day of idleness, rest, recovery, recuperation.  So … Continue reading

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NLP News

Looking forward to NLP Certified Practitioner Training starting Friday!  Still a place left to join, or if already qualified, to assist, refreshing and reviewing your practice, rewarded by the satisfaction of helping others plus a free updated Practitioner Manual (normally … Continue reading

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