Kris’s Books

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JADE GIRL: The Education of a Dakhini  A young girl’s magical fantasy, to write her page in Chinese history with sexual power on the Emperor of China, became her personal destiny.  Father and son, they fell at her feet.


TAOIST TANTRA Sexual Secrets of Love

LOVE TO DIE FOR The Erotic Adventures of Captain Harry West.

From Stress to Vitality NOW: Secrets of Love and Life Mastery for Men and Women

Taoist Shaman/Taoist Medicine Wheel “Origins, secret rites and mysteries of Taoist Shamanism from initiation to living death, uncut.
See how it all began, and how the Tao, the way and the light, began to illuminate, in the lives of those early pioneers of Taost Shamanism, the art of stepping lightly in all worlds. and why the practices were so long kept secret.


Taoist Foreplay  Taoist Foreplay: Shiatsu Secrets for Love reveals the secrets of Taoist Foreplay, from it’s origins at the Court of the legendary Yellow Emperor through 4,000 years of sexual history to its relevance for modern lovers: combining loving touch with healing power.
Sexual practices have been studied for centuries in both East and West. Chinese and Japanese traditions combined the study of sex with medicine: certain pressure-points and meridians were found to stimulate and sustain sexual desire. Using the secrets of these points and channels makes for longer and more pleasurable sexual encounters. Peak moments can be prolonged beyond bliss, into ecstasy. Like cooking a Chinese meal, preparation is the key.

Self-shiatsu is well covered, with exercises for men and women to keep themselves at the peak of sexual fitness, and the women’s practice of using the famous Chinese Drilled Jade Egg is described in detail.
A chapter on what to look for in a lover, from astrological compatibility to physical attributes as indicators of sexual performance, is followed by advice on coping with sex-vampires and energy-parasites.


Finding Spirit in Zen Shiatsu An impactful story combining wit, wisdom and the profound experience of a spiritual traveller. Instruction Manual in the Art of Gentle Healing.


Shiatsu Secrets for Hairdressers This handy little manual holds the secrets of a unique treatment to transform your hairdressing experience, using special Shiatsu pressure points for relaxation, vitality, and stress relief.
It’s easy to give the massage, and the more you know about it the more you will impress the friends and colleagues you will find eagerly volunteering to be your guinea-pigs, as well as Clients looking for that little extra in their personal pampering program.
Learn to find the secret points, called Tsubos in Shiatsu, with special therapeutic qualities: releasing tension – how many people will go for that!
The first secret is: Shiatsu isn’t just great for clients – it makes you feel good too! You already know people have different sensitivity levels: some like it hard and fast, some slow and gentle; some like a light touch, others more penetrating. Like so many other pleasurable activities the enjoyment of a Shiatsu massage is unique to each individual.
Your hairdresser will thank you for this book!

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