Mantak and me – Part 13

June 1993 When I left Pattaya after the Fusion week I had been training with Mantak for over a year and pretty much decided that was the way I wanted to go.  It wasn’t just the learning: he seemed to have such a deep store of wisdom, such a kind and witty way of putting it across, combined with a degree of patience, and tolerance I could only envy.  But he was human too, as we shall learn.

The question in my mind at the time was, could I make my living teaching the Tao?  As it turned out, I got lucky.

Planning to go to the instructor training in Poughkeepsie, I needed practice.  Far too many delicious distractions living on Leela beach, so I took myself up the jungle-clad mountain to a little hut overlooking Sunrise Bay.  A friendly snake occupied the palm-thatched roof – sometimes we would get home at the same time and I would see him slither into a sliver of bamboo.  Other neighbors some distance up the path were human, for which I was truly thankful when struck down with dengue fever: they carried me down the mountain, installed me in luxury in Bayshore, and had an orgy in the bathroom.  Too weak to join in, I was nevertheless motivated to recover.

Teaching shiatsu on the beach and attending Tai Chi at Heart of the Dragon, I found a rich source of students and playmates.  With enough practice to feel confident about attempting instructor certification I once again headed for the USA.  There I met The Weasel.  You will hear more about this creature in the future and how he attempted to bring down the Master, but for now I’m taking a break.

Season’s Greetings!  See you next year, Roosters!

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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4 Responses to Mantak and me – Part 13

  1. I’m honoured! Thank you!

  2. Jim and His Karma says:

    Hoping to see part 14 sometime….

  3. Daniel Omiyi says:

    Hi Mr. Deva North, Happy to be writing to you today. Hope you’re well.

    I enjoy your writing immensely, the way my attention’s gripped while reading’s treasured.

    The Weasel & what became of him’s been a question held for years now.

    Years later, finally decided to ask…What did the weasel do & what became of him?!

    Requesting to write a part 14 sir. Will definitely read it happily.

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