Kris’s Tweets

One can but admire the creativity of plagiarists – the sincerest form of flattery.  How they honor us who created the originals!

We knowingly elect multi-millionaires, who govern as multi-millionaires. So why do we expect them to behave otherwise?

Life is irreplaceable so treat it well. You won’t get out alive.

There is a high in hanging on that easily overcomes the low of letting go, and these are the conditionings of the familiar.

Of those who read and those who do, which are you? Do you read about the beach, or do you go to the beach?

Happiness is the tightest notch on the belt.

If they told us the truth we’d never vote for them, so we vote for the lies we like best.

The Human Condition Part 1: Inertia – when everybody thinks somebody will do what anybody could but nobody does.

The more I grow up the less I understand grown-ups.

Thank Bill, Biz, Mark, Evan, Jack, Larry, Noah, Sergey and Steve for restoring our powers of concentration and relieving human boredom.

Chocolate is good for you. It stimulates the thymus gland that looks after your immune system and makes you feel happy. Happy is energizing

Faced by an obstacle, throw your heart over and jump after it! Advice I got from an Olympic showjumper. Worked then, works now.

Only when you have truly forgiven the unforgivable are you truly free: what do you truly feel when you think of who to forgive? Have you?

You can find yourself in love as easily as lose yourself in love. The safety is in the surrender, rather than hiding.

Is it that for many the higher path is the Way of the Keyboard? Or are they also doing something real for their spiritual entertainment?

Unconditional love allows giving without demanding a receipt, receiving without transaction: a formula for true love, in all its ways.

Every day, tell her you love her.  And every day remember: she is always right.  My Dad’s formula for fifty years of happy marriage.

If you stand still for long enough you can see everything.

‘Why are we here?’ The Emperor asked and the Buddhist replied ‘Are we here?’ while the Taoist answered ‘Why not?’

We shouldn’t tell others what we should or shouldn’t do so I shouldn’t write this and you shouldn’t read it but if you do you should take no notice.

Why expect those who clawed, fought or bought their way up their chosen ladder – acting, sport, spirituality – to be nice people? Nice guys finish…

I looked into my heart and found a gaping hole. She came and climbed in, snuggled down, filled the gap, and gave me heart’s ease. Saudades.

Put not your trust in Princes nor man taking cheer in chicanery; lull the ranting Sage; sons shall snore and yawning daughters cry encore.

When I was little I had to learn to tie my shoelaces. I found it difficult. I practised. It got easy. It was never difficult, just NEW!

After many years, teachers and trainings in my search for grounding I realise at last I have found it: under my feet. Trippy?

After the verbal diahorrea let us seek constructive solutions and bear in mind, voter or not, ‘a nation gets the government it deserves.’

I, like you, sought enlightenment: when I read Tom Robbins’ definition in Jitterbug Perfume I realised I already had it: ‘Lighten Up!’ Now!

I have noticed, in my various careers, how those with plenty of money seem less aware of its importance than those without any.

I saw a sign that gave me a Damascene moment on the road to San Diego: “Where is the evidence that life should be taken seriously?”

When I started learning something new I felt a little apprehensive until my teacher told me ‘make lots of mistakes early: you learn faster.’

I laid her place for breakfast, put eggs to boil, but saw no oranges to juice for her, remembered she flew to India a day before. Saudades!

In the military they told me to ‘select and maintain the aim.’ In Hawaii they taught me ‘the unaimed arrow never misses.’ Arrowha!

Picture who is annoying you, right now, point your finger, say why they annoy you. Turn your hand over. How many fingers point back at you?

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