My Journey: Adventures of a Traveler in the Gurkhas

Adventures of a Traveler in the Gurkhas is the biography of a young hell-raiser, working his way through jobs and women. He joined the Kenya Regiment to embark on an erotic and colorful life in the Armed Forces, ending up as captain in the Gurkhas.
Equally explicit experiences followed, as a gentlemen’s club manager, chauffeur to the high class visitors to London, wine merchant and bar owner.

After his Shiatsu training Kris set out to explore the world.   His description of travels in the countries of Asia and his experiences in America make fascinating reading.  Encounters with a variety of characters are witty and insightful with an occasional healthy dollop of skepticism. You may find this part of his story the most enjoyable and moving reading.

Kris’s life continues through the formation of the Shiatsu school and the Healing Tao center, more erotic encounters, more fascinating travel stories and people. Explanation and descriptions of the Tao lead to the final part of the story: the meeting with Marta and the adventure they started together, before disaster struck.

See what reviewers have to say about My Journey; Adventures of a Traveler in the Gurkhas

I enjoyed more than anything else the descriptions of travelling through the Far East and North America. North writes so well and with such understanding (and humour) I almost felt I was journeying along beside him. I particularly liked the Rainbow Gathering and my second favourite was the trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. And for the Grand Canyon, my heart was in my mouth. S Arnott

It’s a very frank and honest account. That is what makes it a unique read.  The unique selling point of the whole story is that North just says it, unvarnished, without concern for being liked, or judged, approved of or condemned. A West

I really like the writing style. Very descriptive, brief and relevant – no wasted words. The travels are really well written and the complete lack of self-pity – great. J Larthe

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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