Sweetening Sweetie

We’d had her a while but she looked like she was pining after we moved house.  You know how it is, you’re busy, you think ‘I’ll deal with it tomorrow,’ and next thing you have a crisis.  I asked someone who knew about these matters, but what they told me was too vague, really, didn’t give me the confidence I needed to take action.  So I went online to one of those web sites that give specialist advice.  I had to spend a little money and a day or two later the items arrived, with chillingly comprehensive instructions.  Couldn’t go wrong.  I printed them out in large font – didn’t want my glasses getting in the way in the struggle I knew was to come.

Gently I lifted her up, cleaned her up down there, and following the exact format probed around with a chopstick to get rid of the clingy bits.  Then came the challenge, holding her still while I snipped and trimmed.  Finally, moistening the bed, I stood her up and tied her in place with the special wire provided.

Now it’s a matter of wait and see.  She does look good.  We always knew they needed extra care and attention and sure thing I’ll make sure she gets it in the future.  Just looking at her gives me pleasure.  I completely understand Mr Miyagi’s love for his.  Now she is re-potted perhaps she will love me back.  When we bought her years ago we named her Sweetie 2, after our first bonsai went to bonsai heaven.

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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