Songs of the Beasts

The Yellow Emperor summoned the Twelve Beasts of the Cosmic Zodiac and bade each sing him a song

I Will Survive, squeaked Rat

Ox  lowed, Everything’s Alright

I Light the Night, roared Tiger

Rabbit whispered, Imagine All at Peace

Higher and Higher, sang Dragon

Snake hissed, I Have No Hands To Be Tied

I Wanna Be Free, neighed Horse

Sheep bleated,  All I Need Is Love

Let Me Entertain You, chattered Monkey

Rooster crowed, Look At Me Now

I’m Your Best Friend, barked Dog

Pig grunted, I’m Everybody’s Friend

Huang Ti clapped in applause.  ‘What about you, Boss?’ chorused the Beasts.

‘Well done, Beasts,’ declared the Emperor, ‘for minimising YouTube ad pollution….’

‘Sing!’ they yelled.

You won’t get any sleep,’ he said.  See what they thought of his song.

What Beast are you?  Do you like your Song?  Or what Song would you like instead?

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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