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Looking forward to NLP Certified Practitioner Training starting Friday!  Still a place left to join, or if already qualified, to assist, refreshing and reviewing your practice, rewarded by the satisfaction of helping others plus a free updated Practitioner Manual (normally priceless.)

The latest newsletter from John at Society of NLP is more sales-orientated, but with a few nuggets you can apply to whatever you do in your own work or day-to-day life.  Here’s an short extract:
Stay Out of Your Own Head & Pay Attention, Calibrate: open your eyes and ears and all your senses and collect the data that’s right there! Learn to notice the eye blink “signals” (the pronounced ones, not the ones that are meant to just moisten the eyeball), the upper body movements (toward or away from), the breathing patterns and self interrupts on the part of the receiver, the change in head nods…(ARE YOU MAKING THE BIG MISTAKE?!! – John La Valle)

I did like another weirdly titled article but right on the button for helping people realise what they’re doing to themselves without realising what they can do for themselves:
Dr. Bandler asked the demonstration subjects how much time they spend thinking and worrying about the thing that is bothering them. Then he multiplied that time over a week, then a month, then a year and ten years and asked the person if that was a good plan. He built an Away From strategy to prepare them for something better as he set the stage for installing a great propulsion strategy. After all 10 minutes a day doesn’t sound like a lot until you add it all up over time …(CRUEL TO BE KIND – James Seetoo)

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