Hello God It’s Sunday

And here I am wondering who you are.  I sat before my shrine, a bronze statue of Lord Shiva who embodies and is embodied by Shakti, thinking of Yeshua and Shekinah, contemplating Krishna and Rana, and beneath, behind, above, below and within, Atman, Great Spirit, manifest in all.

If I know who you are, do I know what you want?  Should I be worshipping on Thursday?  Friday?  Saturday?  plus, minus, or instead of Today?  Should I worship at all?  Do you care whether or not you are worshipped?  Is worship a need of yours? Are you needy?  Or do I need to worship?  I have been in lands where they worship the Buddha, he who said there is not God but that within each one of us.  And in those lands they build temples and calve statues of gold to him.

Well, God, I’m going to have lunch now, and then watch some football on the telly.  I am thankful for this little conversation that leaves me knowing no more than I knew but, at least, knowing that.

Should I put in some tags?  Why not!  #god #shiva #Shakti #greatspirit

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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