Love To Die For – VALENTINE SPECIAL – The Erotic Adventures of Captain Harry West



From risking death to love a virgin Princess, through sex on the polo field, dance floor, boardroom, beach and freeway, to orgies made in Chelsea, these twenty seven tantalizing stories track the erotic adventures of a man who loves sex as much as he loves war.  Harry West lives for the fun of the fight and Fun with a K, from the rooftops of Wanchai to the debs of the King’s Road, pale lilies and dusky maidens.  Addicted to the taste of forbidden fruit, he savors the passion of contact, the moment of climax, the smell of conquest in and out of bed.  Until the moment his life, his career, flashes before his eyes as if he were a drowning man.

Men and women like Harry and Holly, Alice and Charlie, know what they want and go for it, spurring ahead  through triumph and disaster, laughing their way to climax after climax.  Come inside and join the Fun!

LK of London: Far more interesting than Fifty Shades, written by a Tantra teacher, and set in some fascinating places. Full of sex …

Mrs GM of Ireland: A wonderful piece of writing…intriguing, mind-expanding (especially the bit with the mother/daughter in Mother Love), cheeky, and witty, as well as the thrill of teenage kicks…. And Love to Die For was gripping: love, death, heartache, hope, escape….a real thriller!

GT London: This is quite an unconventional book of modern erotic tales, written by a Taoist Master in a style that is graceful, sensitive, and baroque enough to appeal to a woman as well.

Miss AA: Mr North has produced an erotic masterpiece, sensual, exciting and elegant, leaving chick lit and mummy porn fading into yesterday.

Come Inside and join the Fun with a click here!

STARTING NEXT WEEK: A Story a Week for 27 Weeks, so come back soon – or take the short cut and buy them now with a click!

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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