Happy New Year: Thanks and Blessings

Here from these islands of love and peace where my beloved and I come to refresh, recharge, relax and and revitalise, reflecting on the year that has passed, my mind turned to the many who made 2015 such a good year, supporting and and enabling us to continue the work – and – play to which we have dedicated our lives.

Here we also get inspiration: ideas for the new courses and events to entice you further along the path of doing what you love, with all the benefits that go along with dreams fulfilled.  I have a special message for you who follow the Tao with us, and another for the NLPeople, but first, my thanks:

Above all, to those who gave their time and energy to joining us on our courses, both NLP and Healing Tao.

Congratulations to 2015’s crop of NLP Masters: Adrian Joseph, Alyson Ames and Depika Mistry, and thanks to Alex Reece, Ivana Garcia, Marcus Velden and Rowan Hand for making the time to assist me on  Masters and Practitioner trainings.  Welcome to the Practitioner listings to Ann Ayton and Jason Denman.  Well done to all of the above!

Congratulations too to four outstanding Qigong Practitioners who achieved Advanced Level at Qigong Teacher Training: Alex Reece, Máire Ni Ghiobaláin, Paul (Eddy) Grant and Samara Hawthorn.  Well done too to those who attained the Intermediate Level qualification: Alex Cavey, Chris McDermott, Ciara Mulvey, Conor Kelly, Diana Baynes, Maria-Elena Alvarez, Peter Littlejohn-Cook; and Minerva Gutiérrez who reached Basic.  And special thanks to Peter for hosting a wonderful retreat.

We had a great Tai Chi Camp at the Secret Valley in Wales, hosted by Samara Hawthorn.  The next will be in 2017 because this year, 2016, will see the second Tai Chi Teacher Training in Portugal, with opportunities to train and or upgrade as a Tai Chi Teacher recognised by the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain – overseas members welcome too!

We had a really fantastic response to our Dublin workshops, hosted by Máire Ni Ghiobaláin, running a Step 1 for Women, Step 1 for Men, a combined Step 2, and a wonderful Step 3. WE are both so much looking forward to returning to the warmth and hospitality of the Emerald Isle.

I’d also like to thank Gawain Forster and Alex Boylan for hosting my Step 1 in Manchester, and look forward to returning this year.

I’m sure there are many more I could thank, recognise and acknowledge but, y’know, the Hawaiian sunshine tends to to melt the brain a little.  So before I say Aloha Mahalo, I’d just like to mention something special for the dedicated Taoist:  for some years we have set a high standard for our Taoist Trainer Training (Step 8), including a number of pre-requisites before attending the training.

While maintaining that high standard, we have agreed that those who have completed the Step 5 can attend the Step 8 training: the pre-requisites will now be post-requisites.  In other words, when you’ve done Step 5 you are eligible to attend the next Step 8 training.  You will be awarded the Taoist Trainer Licence on completion of the post-requisites.  We will update the Step 8 web page and write to those eligible with more details soon.

For NLPeople, I’m offering you extra special deals to attend Healing Tao training – meet new people, make new connections, learn some amazing techniques that fit with NLP and increase your resources expo….

Happy New Year – Love and Blessings to you

Kris & Anamarta





About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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