Children of the Rainbow

Great Spirit of the Tao and Mother Earth, we trust
The Children of the Rainbow
To keep the sanity of humanity.
Children of the Rainbow we ask
Go past the paralysis of analysis.
Children of the Rainbow we beg
Nurture, preserve and renew
Our Forests, Earth, Mountains and Waters
And let our Air be free so Sun
Can nourish us with Light.
The Children of the Rainbow hear us
For we are they and each of us
Is Mother Earth and Great Spirit of the Tao.
We have one face:
Our Sun.

Returning to Maui after a long long absence – twelve to fifteen years, maybe more – I find what I wrote then even closer to my heart now. I still have faith in the ultimate sanity of our human race although I have to say that faith is tested ever more!

But that is that and lunch is lunch: a truly grounding exercise and yesterday enjoyed in the delightful and grounding company of my beloved Anamarta and our friends Monika Nataraj and her partner David.  It was for me a privilege to be sharing a table with the two great teachers of feminine empowerment, and to meet a Dharma teacher who shares his tradition across the globe.  And the lunch was delicious and I ate too much – Cafe de Amis in Paia if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

Today is our last in hotel luxury.  Jet-lag over we are away to the beach camp to lie in the sun and dance in the waves, and take time to explore this magical island.

But first – shopping!  So happy our Foodland discount card is till valid 🙂


btw the expression Children of the Rainbow is how the people describe themselves on their journey through life.  I wrote about their shamanic healing practice in my article  for Positive Health magazine Aloha Mahalo Hawaii Huna Healing after my first visit.

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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