From Stress To Vitality NOW Secrets of Love and Life Management for Men and Women

Packed with inspiring ideas, proven techniques, real-life examples, rich in resources, from Taoist sexual secrets of four thousand years before Masters & Johnson, through 21st Century edge technology to innate wisdom, this book shows practical and effective solutions for Women and Men to transform Stress into Vitality @ Love, Work & Play.

* Learn Exercises, Meditations and Affirmations to reduce stress NOW
* See how Changing your Mindset can bring long-term benefits
* Develop Powerful Tools to cope with the New Stressors of our advancing civilization, using the technology of today
* Master Specific Techniques to care for those vital organs for Positive Health, Maximum Enjoyment and Extra Energy
* Discover what to eat for Peak Performance and stress-free digestion

First dealing with immediate problems, then managing life: powerful tools embedded deep in cellular memory help Men and Women take advantage of even the most stressful situations to function as fit-for-purpose human beings.

What we do before Stress hits, is what keeps our Vitality up. No tennis champion competes without preparation; no dancer, no actor, no singer performs without practice; without training no footballer runs on to the pitch, no boxer steps in the ring.

Doesn’t it make perfect sense that maintaining healthy balance in mind, body, spirit, and relationships brings better life management, more fun, plus energy to spare?

‘I may not know your personal issues,’ says author Kris Deva North, ‘but I do know that at some deep level you have the resources to deal with those issues, to manage your life, and realize your dream.’

Near the end of this book you will find three simple questions: give yourself three YES’s and the rewards will follow, thick and fast.

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About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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