Walking Back

Two Dogs, Three Crows, Nine Pigeons and a flight of Seagulls attended my first walk of the year on a cold crisp English morning.  I looked out for my friends the Magpies but they must have been visiting family.

I’d walked a lot in Mexico, up and down hills, along beaches and in and around cities large and small.  But this was home, two miles from where I was born, and I breathed the cool clear air with lungfulls of pleasure, and paused by the cafe on the edge of the woods to enjoy tea and fruit cake.

Tai Chi in the woods woke me up, naked oaks filtering pale sun, reminding me of last week’s Tai Chi on the beach in a Mexican sunset, and next week’s Tai Chi weekend in Camden – and not forgetting an evening of Tai Chi as Martial Art with the Jade Arrows on Thursday.

It’s good to be home: refreshed, relaxed, revitalized, ready to face the opportunities of the New Year, and challenges dragging on from the old:  clusters of vampires hovering, hoping.  Good luck to them I say, and May God Bless Them and give them all they deserve.

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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