The First Step

Journey of a Thousand Miles – of course you’ve heard it before  – starts with a single step.  But which way?  Witch way or Wizard Way?   When I  dropped my career and picked up my rucksack I just knew there had to be more than the mundane, more than the struggle, more than the slings and arrows of the mortal coil.  I knew there was something. 
Half a lifetime going with the flow showed me it flows in only one direction: the law of least resistance leads at best to apathy, worst the unkind of mental slavery that locks you into doing the same you’ve always done, thinking the thoughts you’ve always thought.  Round about then the little voice inside started reminding me my nature is dynamic, I like new thoughts and to do new things.  I saw the light and found a new career, still like any path with plenty of ups and downs but since then when I go to sleep at night I’m happy I’ve spent a day doing what I love, in places I love, with someone I love.  And wake up feeling gratitude to the universe for providing the resources to live the life I chose, and to my inner self for choosing it.

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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