Tai Chi Goatsmilk Quest and Boom, That’s What I Do

What do I do for a living, they asked. Well, I just got back from drinking milk squeezed fresh out of the goat before my very eyes in the breakfast break at Tai Chi Retreat in the wilds of Wales. That was after a gig talking about Taoist Secrets of Love and Life Mastery to a full house at the Quest Festival in Devon. Now I’m taking a breath of fresh London air – so much sweeter now we have a garden – before flying out to Portugal to teach those same secrets at the Boom Festival: already sold out! And going back there again for our first Tai Chi Certified Instructor Training in September: also sold out! Anamarta even managed to fit in Jade Circles in Wales and London in between times. And we came home to find invitations to teach in Cape Town and Greece, yay.
Yes, this is what we do. Somebody said somebody suggested we just did it for the money. Well, sure, it’s a great life but if it was just for money I’d have stayed in the real estate business and Anamarta in PR. Think of the numbers – I don’t remember those times too fondly but I do remember making enough in one deal to take two years out. Nowadays work does feel like time off in comparison to that fiscal slavery: bit like the Wolf of Wall street minus drugs and hookers.
One day you wake up and realise where the real value lies. A property colleague used to say he’d die the richest man in the graveyard. Food for thought, I thought, dropping career at age 51 and picking up rucksack. Twenty two years later I live on what I’d have tipped and don’t regret a moment. Sure struggles can challenge, but wtf – I teach turning stress into vitality: grateful for the chance to practice! Success comes from keeping at it regardless.
Hey, I didn’t set out to write a sermon so I’ll sign off now: see you at the Boom? OK, September in Kentish Town where I’m going to celebrate with more Tai Chi Tuesdays.

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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    Yes Kris you must come to Greece, I have the perfect house for a retreat we will organise it when you have time. xxx with love and blessing and sunshine from me and the cosmic family

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