Just Do It, Just Did It!

Stepping into my garden as the sky begins to pale, feeling cool moist uncut grass underfoot, seeing a pair of pigeons fly overhead, maybe rats with wings in London but still doves, and dove is love, what Albert E said made the world go round in his role as emcee on the square, I asked myself why I wasn’t writing this.

Things to do, I said.  This is important but they are urgent.  Respond to emails, promote events, hang shells curtain at kitchen door, register with GP, do accounts, transfer catalog, promote latest book, get on with next, make breakfast, eat breakfast, go shopping (with Sainsbury’s cart concealed in garden – well, it says give it back when finished with, and I haven’t, not for years, paid a pound for it anyway), first get dressed … you know the blah blah, we all have our own.

So here am I,  not a statue in white outside the blazing casino but at the desk, having at last understood I build my own blogging blocks and that’s bollox. Now I start the day feeling good.  Thanks, Nike.

This blog contains product placement.

btw Lauren Platt to win?

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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