Love To Die For 26 of 27 KIDNAPPED!

Ah Mee, kidnapped by professional cherry-pickers, was carried across country for days in an oxcart. She could have escaped. In the strange friendship that grew between captor and captive as they traveled by day, and deceived by her obvious pleasure in their sexual fun when they played by night, the kidnappers neglected bonds and blindfold. Her cherry was to be preserved so they did not intrude, but wanted to watch her at her Solo Rite.

Now, you are the Three Treasures, and I the empty space, she began. The men played along with some impatience as if humoring a child.

Ah Mee began her practice of Self-Love, slowly and gently, but they pleasured themselves to climax at thrashing speed. Mongs mighty fist hammered like a woodpecker at his surprisingly small red stalk as he lay with knees bent, giant legs spread and robe rucked up, big round face turned towards her and eyes fixed on what he could see between her teasing fingers.

Ming, less blatant, concealed his action inside the blue robe as he sat propped against a tree-trunk watching her jutting breasts. It aroused her to see his hand moving in shadow as she caught a glimpse of his Jade Stalk: bent in a sideways curve the shape of Mongs hunting bow. She wanted to see, to feel with her hands and to suck.

Come, Ah Ming, show me, she wheedled, lifting her hem. She straddled Mong, lowering herself on to him, not inside but riding his little rod, her slippery lips sliding back and forth along its ridge, hips at the gallop, squeezing her nipples and pushing them out at Ming, holding his eager gaze, beckoning him until he stood in front of her, astride over Mongs face, robe aloft. She took that tempting curve into her mouth, while his hands on her shoulders shook with ecstasy.

Her lascivious delight astonished herself as much as them. She lay back on Mongs great legs and bucked, fingers frantic on bud and breast. Their excitement intensified and she felt Mings lips sucking her and Poon joined in too, until she knew not which was part of who, as hot juice ran down her face and belly. She smeared it over her skin.

Poon rolled away to lie face down, buttocks bared to the sky, truncheon rubbing between hand and leg. He got a crick in his neck from trying to watch Ah Mee at the same time but his climax was instant when she obeyed his gasping order: Show me your butt! Kneeling on Mongs chest she turned and poked it out, holding her rear open until she heard his grunts of ecstasy. Men are so easily pleased, she thought….

She tried to take the three of them into her mouth at once. Two, yes, all they had to do was press against each other standing up or lying down. In all other positions their bodies got in the way.

Sometimes one or another had trouble getting hard, or climaxed too fast and lost interest for a time. She saw how they all rose stiff in the morning, yet lost it after urinating. She learned their tastes, their grunts and cries and shouts and roars, points of arousal and places to calm, whether they liked to see, to hear or to touch.

How did you know I was a virgin? she asked one day as the cart creaked its endless way. You might have captured anyone. How can you tell?

Its the way they move their body. Kind of not knowing what its for. And theres a look in the eyes, and how they talk,‘ said Poon.

Innocence. said Ming…


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Coming Soon: Taoist Tantra, Sexual Secrets of Love

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