Getting the Edge – The Actor’s Tale

kris_edgePeople like you do #NLP training for many reasons. Some become Practitioners, some like me become NLP Trainers, but many simply use NLP to enhance their career performance, improve their relationship, or sort out a few changes in their lives.

Alex Reece uses techniques he mastered on NLP Practitioner Training to enhance his performance as an actor, and to get the edge at auditions (yes, Alex was picked out of 2000 to play the bleach blond haired assassin chasing 007 #DanielCraig in the #Skyfall #Heineken featurette commercial, ‘Crack the Case’ in 2012, a £10million production by Eon and MJZ.)

NLP is all about learning how to help yourself and others succeed, achieve ambitions, fulfil desires, and solve problems, in short to get the edge, whether at work or play, business or healing, to become more effective!
It is surprisingly easy to change our mindset. Anyone who wants to can do it. We can reframe for positivity, or success, creativity, motivation, organisation, health, happiness…you choose. We can do it, even if we have become used to strong negative beliefs since childhood.
Reframing mindset means to let go conditioned thought-patterns put upon us by others, to replace those thoughts with new more useful patterns to lead the life we want, think our own thoughts, reclaim our power. We can feel the difference, and see improvement in communication, at home, at work, or out and about – social situations, sports, helping others, for example and by example!

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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