Do you remember…

or have you forgotten?  The wonderful feeling of freedom, the sense of exploration, the vision of yourself …and everything else that went with it?
Walking down the street, roaming over the vast expanse of your imagination, seeing all the sky, wandering wherever you liked and no one to tell you off?
Yes, that is freedom!
I have a secret for you – its on the Bank Holiday weekend, the next one, at the end of August.  Don’t believe me – check it out for yourself, get in touch with the real you at this link.
Go on!

Now, what did you think?  Did you get the freedom of the form, the unassailable rooting, the grounding?  Did you enjoy the video – it’s ten years since we made it!  And all the other photographs and videos?
Did you find the little movements too little? Or did they show you the way to break free?

Come and join me, Kris Deva North, at the Rosewell Centre, 24th to 26th August.  And you can come and camp the night before.
It’s every day for 3 days.
Tai Chi.  QiGong.  Weapons.  And you don’t need a degree!  In fact, most are beginners!
And you can camp free, and eat free.
How much is it?
£157.  For three days intensive training, 8am to 5pm.

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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