Taoist Practice PLUS Fusion of the Five Elements ONLINE

Fusion of the Five Elements!  These are words to conjure with!
Fusion: the talismanic combination reinforced by the power of fire;
Five: the magical Taoist Number for the centre of all things;
Elements: the very core of our being.
Together, they make up the world beyond our ken, the mystic source of being.  And for you, for us, the witchery or wizardry of the Taoist Practice.

It’s been nearly 2 months since April 17th when I first wrote introducing my son, Alex West.  Alex has been studying with me since the age of ten, and I’m not going to tell you how old he is now, but I’m 79.  And in those years he’s picked up as much of the Taoist teachings as anyone could. And we’re teaching to mixed groups, men and women.
He guided you through the online Taoist Meditations of the Inner Smile, Healing Sounds, and the Microcosmic Orbit.  Now, he’s going to take you through the process of Fusion of the Five Elements which so many of you have asked for.

But for those who have yet to do the Foundation Course, he is going to run that one with you as well.  So you have three weekends to complete your collection, or two weekends if you’ve already done the Step 1.

Here is the outline of the teaching, from the basic level of the Foundation Course in one weekend, through the advanced Fusion of the Five Elements in two weekends:

Taoist Foundation Course (Step 1), for those who have yet to do it, and for those who want to refresh:
Taoist 5 Elements and the Inner Smile, The Microcosmic Orbit, The Six Healing Sounds.

Fusion of the Five Elements Part 1, for those who have completed the Taoist Foundation Course in the past or recently as above:
Creating the Pearl and circulating the Pearl in the Microcosmic Orbit; Forming the Energy Body; Transferring the Microcosmic Orbit to the energy body.

Fusion of the Five Elements Part 2, for those who have completed Fusion Part 1 (above):
Forming the Innocent Children and Protective Animals; calling forth Earth Forces as protectors and sources of energy; calling forth the Planets’ forces for protection and empowerment; full practice of basic Fusion, condensing and collecting the energy.

Now for the times and the prices:

Taoist Foundation Step 1 weekend
21-22 June
12.30 to 2pm, 3.30 to 5pm

Fusion Part 1 weekend
27-28 June
12.30 to 2pm, 3.30 to 5pm

Fusion Part 2 weekend
4-5th July
12.30 to 2pm, 3.30 to 5pm

And now for the discounts:
Both Fusion weekends £137 (save £21)
All three weekends       £187 (save £30)

Just as a comparison, Healing Tao Foundations Step 1, the first of several Steps through the Tao, was £197.  That was for a weekend, Saturday and Sunday.  Now you are getting 3 weekends for £187.  In the past you would have paid £552!  This figure reflects the change in prices resulting from the lockdown, and no need to pay rent.
For those wanting to repeat, we hope you will forgive the lack of discount: we feel these prices are the very best you can get!

All we need is your email address, which of course I have here, which is why you’re getting this newsletter!  I would like you to send it to me again, so that I can pass it on to Alex.  Then he will contact you and take you through the steps to get the program.
Here it is in table form:
You send me your email.
I pass it on to him.
He then contacts you.
Then you have to pay, and you can pay by Paypal or BACS.

Allow just a little time before panicking – I have to send him your emails and he has to get in touch with you to sort things out.

Remember, Taoist Foundation Course (Step 1) starts on Saturday 21st June at 12.30, so apply now if you need that one, and of course to claim your £187 for the combination of three weekends.

Then Fusion of the Five Elements starts on the following Saturday, 27th of June at 12.30 – so apply now if you want the combination of the two Fusion weekends for £137.

We are both really looking forward to working with you!  Now don’t forget: send me your email!

And here is Alex


About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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