Taoist Shaman – Learning the Magic

Online – a Two Day Workshop 
with Kris Deva North 
Shamanic Healing is part of my daily life, travelling the world, deepening my practice. I had a revealing and life changing shamanic journey in the remote areas of Mongolia, meeting and practising with shamans of various tribes. 

For myself, I have been doing this work for seventy years, since I was nine years old. I had a vision of a child with a sword deep in a forest. I could not tell if it were male or female: blond curly hair with a red headband, wearing the clothes of a dragon slayer, surrounded by green leaves and stalks of grey. It holds the sword in one hand and twirls it round, and its other hand reaches out. 

All Welcome! There are NO PRE-REQUISITES for this online workshop

I will teach you to clear space, and to hold the energy. 
I will teach you to see, sense, feel and heal the aura! 
I will teach you to direct the energy.

And you? 
You will learn the Affirmations! 
You will learn the Hands of Light! 

You will see the light! Into your space you may bring a person who suffers.  
It may be real, a man, woman, or child. Or it may be you! 

You can detach yourself from the being, see yourself standing apart, and feeling what spirit wants.  
Death? Surely not, for the person would be dead!  
Life? Yes, the life to be lived, for this body to be healed!

Your Powers Exceed Expectation! 
What is a Shaman? A leader, a seeker of truth?  
Someone who delves into the darkest behaviours?  
Or whose powers exceed expectation?

Or is it just an ordinary person, a person who can do, often without realising it, extra-ordinary things? 

Someone who can journey through the Inner Eye, Heaven’s Garden, Moon Gates, Steps and Chambers? 
Who can use intuition, dreams, prayer and ceremony? 
Yes, this can be you!

On completion of this workshop, I want you to go away with the confidence You can influence another life for the better, retaining your own ability to stay grounded, secure, and serene.

£79 for the two days, 12.30 to 2pm and 3.30 to 5pm, on 22nd and 23rd August.

Sign up Now! http://healing-tao.co.uk/taoistshamanichealing.htm

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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