Taoist Massage or Chi Nei Tsang

Taoist Massage or Chi Nei Tsang (also known as Organ Energy Transformation) is a form of Hara Shiatsu, an entire system of Taoist deep healing that works with the energy-flow of five major systems: energy-meridian, fasciae-tendon-muscular, nervous, vascular and lymphatic.

The navel area, the centre where all systems meet, connects – or separates – our upper and lower parts, left and right, front and back, inner and outer, mind and body – we feel our emotions here, causing internal blockage and distortions which often manifest as symptoms elsewhere.

Experiment: grab a handful of material of the clothes you are wearing, around the navel area, and twist. Feel where the tension goes. See where the material distorts – what is the most distal point? Imagine the turmoil inside, when just the surface tension is so dramatic – traumatic?

Even after we have mentally resolved the emotion, the physical effects can still leave knots, tangles, and congestion. When obstructed the internal organs store unhealthy energies than can seep into other systems. In search of an outlet these toxic energies create a cycle of negativity and stress, festering in the organs and overflowing into the abdomen, the body’s garbage dump. The energetic centre at the navel becomes congested and cut off from the rest of the body.

Experiment: sitting upright, relax so the abdomen is soft. Place the tip of your middle finger in your navel. Gently, and very slowly, keeping the finger rigid, push inwards towards your spine. How far can you comfortably go? When the finger can penetrate to the front of the spine, without pain, you are clear, free of the physical residue of long-past emotions.

Chi Nei Tsang can help resolve the aftermath of emotional trauma and its physical residue, freeing abdominal blockages and projecting healing energy throughout the entire bodymind.

Kris’s Personal Testimonial: I have been involved in healing practices and meditation since 1972, experienced treatments by acupuncture, herbs, reiki and many different forms of bodywork all over the world, am a qualified practitioner of acupressure, Swedish and Thai massage, and a registered Shiatsu teacher and teacher trainer. In my own experience Chi Nei Tsang is powerful healing medicine, used on its own or to enhance many other therapies in its power for transformational change.  Kris Deva North, Founder of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute.

Come along and join us!  Click here for the coming weekend, 26th and 27th March, from 10.30am to 6.30pm,
at the Melvin Hall Community Centre, Melvin Road, London SE20 5EU.

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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