Looking Back, Going Forward

I am going to teach the form of Tai Chi, starting with the movements.
In the words of a Master, the first step is always to learn and remember the outer movements.
Many of you have done that.  Many of you have not even heard of it!
Many of you can repeat the movements in time, with precision.  Others will follow.

Then I shall teach you the breath, the breathing that accompanies each move.
Not learning the internal part of Tai Chi is like never bothering to look inside the oyster to find the pearl.
Some of you have done that.

Then I shall teach the circles.  What is this, you ask?  It is the structure of Tai Chi for self-defence.  Is this important?
 It contains all the essential movements of the longer Tai Chi forms.

Then I shall teach the union of Heaven and Earth.  How can this help?  I tell you:
Emphasising the use of the mind and heart to move Qi. The Qi in turn improves the circulation, enlivens the bone structure, and revitalises the whole system.

And finally, I shall teach the self-defence applications, for you to use in your head: remember using it in your head reminds your body of the importance of the form.
Once you learn the form, the rest of the work in mastering Tai Chi involves learning to use energy in each postureWorking with Qi, or energy is called internal work.

And why have I put so much in bold?  Because they are the direct quotes from Mantak Chia.
Ignore them at your peril!

Whoever you are, with whatever level of training, come along and join us in the  Tai Chi Beginners course starting at 6pm on 11th May, online on Wednesday evenings and going on until 22nd June, just one hour and a bit, supported by a recording you can follow if you sign up for the full course (Ā£77), along with free videos for everyone (Ā£12 for just one session.)

Above is a video of using the martial arts applications by students who had never done Tai Chi before.
I have one more in reserve that I shall share next week!

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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