Master Your Moods with a Mirror!

There is a season, and a time to every purpose.

Let’s take the first step: let’s manage our moods instead of our moods managing us.
You will need a few different moods: time spent on mood-practice is seldom wasted.

Mood 1: Look in Mirror. Have you noticed, by the way, that when men look in a mirror they see what’s good, but a woman sees what’s wrong? So when you look at yourself, see what you can do to improve that look.

Smile. Tell Mirror: You are my favorite picture-frame. Practice the smile a few times, in different ways. After a few minutes of smiling, check out how you feel. That’s Mood 1a. Then broaden the smile to
b) a big cheesy grin,
c) a chuckle,
d) a Laugh Out Loud, then
e) Rolling On the Floor Laugh Out Loud – be sure to practice rolling around the floor for this. Finally,
f) Hysterical Screech-Laughter. Make mental labels for Moods 1a to f.

Mood 2: Look in Mirror. Frown. Not too much. What kind of frown do you want? Practice
Fear, and
Anger from Irritation to incandescent Rage.
These are Moods 2a to e, plus other variations.

Make sure to mind-label the Mood so you can press the right button or call it up when someone presses yours.

Mood 3: Walk around with your nose in the air viewing, under slightly closed eyelids, everything around you with complete and utter contempt. Practice Mood 3.

Mood 4: Now walk around with your eyes cast down and an expression of calm humility on your face. Practice Mood 4.

Mood 5: Back to the Mirror. Now turn round and face it.
Think of some major disaster in your life.
Notice what you look like.
Notice how you feel in your mind:
Notice what you feel in your body and where you feel it. Notice any mental dialog.
Mood 5 – don’t practice it.

Mood 6: Still facing Mirror, close eyes.
Think of someone or something you love. Real or imaginary, memory or fantasy. Someone or something you love, that or whom you love anyway, no matter whether it/they love you back.
Spend a few moments thinking about this. Enjoy the thoughts.
Then open your eyes and see how you look in the Mirror.
Notice how you feel in your body and where you feel it.
Mood 6: practice often.

Mood 7: Think of a beautiful peaceful place, real or imaginary, memory or fantasy. Think of the colors,
the shapes,
the textures, how they feel,
the sounds,
the tastes and the scents, the fragrances.
See the picture: imagine yourself in the picture.
Mood 7. Rhymes with heaven.

This is about you managing your own mood but haven’t we all experienced others man-aging ours? With the best of intentions. A client says ‘My xxx-practitioner says I’m suffering from chronic kidney deficiency’ while their exhausted eyes show the struggle to overcome yet another therapist-induced condition.

What is going on in this world of holistic alternative complementary healing? Now one of my students has been told by her reflexologist (you know, people who do foot stuff) that she is suffering the effects of past-life wrong-doing. She came away feeling helpless, a mood induced by someone else trying to show how clever, insightful and enlightened they are – and without fear of contradiction consigned the client to life in the past lane.

I had always thought part of the job was to help others get into their power, to draw on the deep well of self-healing power that lies deep within each and every one of us.
We are raised to respect health professionals. Healing professionals get the spin-off benefits. Are there more ethics in Health than in Healing? Please, I am not knocking the healers. I am one. I’m saying that before using our powers of suggestion to condition a patient into believing they are powerless to change we could consider convincing them of the converse. Simple use of language can help. An accomplished healer friend, whenever a client says they are suffering from this or that illness, asks ‘Are you suffering? Do you see yourself as one who suffers, a sufferer?’ sowing a seed of realization that to see oneself as a victim is to fertilize an environment which allows conditions to take root, grow and flourish.

It is simple Mood Management.


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