Taoist Tantra Sexual Secrets of Love – Releasing November 17th


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Is it disgusting, boring, worthy and dangerous, or can Tantra offer self-realisation by having a good time?
The Tao is the One, the source; Tantra is to expand and to liberate. Both see the world ‘not as a vale of tears, of sorrow or of suffering, but of subjective and objective beauty, a world of reality, neither an illusion nor an evil…the path is smooth and straight’. The aim is enlightenment: Union with the Divine, the means, sexual ecstasy. The practices are lofty and profound, sacred and profane, barring nothing except harming another.

While the Tao is Harmony, Tantra ‘challenges practitioners immediately to see all things and all experiences as intrinsically pure and innately perfect…. including situations meant to shock, repulse or terrify … heart and mind will be illuminated’. Courting the disapproval of society, Tantra bashes down boundaries, barriers and taboos, prescribing ‘forbidden acts’, opening windows to spiritual independence, creating opportunities for grasping the moment, shoving you along the ‘short path’ to ultimate peace, the indescribable experience of subtle clear light.

Flavoured by its roots, Hindu ritual is based on surrender, eating forbidden meat and drinking forbidden alcohol. Women practitioners (personifying the goddess Shakti) are seated either Right or Left of their male (Shiva) partners in the tantric circle. In the Right-Hand Ritual members enjoy sex with their own partner, in the Left-Hand Ritual with others, of any or no caste and regardless of sexual appeal. Rituals culminate in orgasm, with Shiva ejaculating in ecstatic surrender to the power of Shakti, the divine.

The mechanistic nature of the rituals and unofficial use of drugs help participants overcome apprehension, inhibitions and aversion to such practices as breaking caste taboos, ingrained over lifetimes in the Hindu consciousness. Liberation from conditioning of caste, taboo and convention leads to a freedom from fear possibly comparable with that of a committed Christian or Jew discovering that sin has been abolished.

For many this is enlightenment enough. Others continue to surrender: possessions, dwelling, family, becoming Saddhu, beyond ritual. Beyond the beyond, the Aghora sect live tantra ‘at the Left Hand of God’, frequenting cremation-grounds, eating human flesh and excrement, having sex with the dead, surrendering all attachment, hoping to shorten their chosen path by many incarnations.

The Tao is the way of harmony, Tantra expands and liberates. Without gender discrimination, rules, hierarchy or clergy, requiring no conversion or belief system, offering guidance rather than dogma, the Tao of Tantra is a short sweet path to spiritual independence, or your own conception of self-realisation or enlightenment. These words of the Dalai Lama capture the essence: ‘if the meditator applies certain meditative techniques it is possible to create opportunities for grasping the moment and consciously generating the experience of subtle clear light…during the time of death, of deep sleep, and sexual climax.’ If His Holiness were a woman, he might have included the moment of childbirth!

Taoist Tantra teaches ‘sex without energy loss’ for both women and men and shows how to begin the Tantric ‘short path’ to enlightenment, through pleasure as a way to bliss, the gate to ecstasy. By channeling through the Small Heavenly Cycle for control and safety, the Taoist tradition provides a safe foundation for awakening the Kundalini.
The sages of ancient China said everyone is entitled to a hundred years of healthy life. They passed their secrets of sexy longevity down the generations through an unbroken line of Taoist Masters. The Living Master Mantak Chia shared these secrets with Kris Deva North who brings these ancient practices to life, following his previous book Taoist Foreplay, Volume One of the Tao of Tantra series. Taoist Tantra Sexual Secrets of Love escorts the reader through the positions and practices of Taoist Tantric Love

Pre-Order Now http://www.amazon.com/dp/B016R3U67A

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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