Taoist Tantra – the First Review

taoisttantra_cover_A4This book is a pleasure to read and a pleasure to put into practice. It is a helpful guide to exploring Taoist Tantra, whether for the first time or as a way of deepening your practice, with storytelling to draw you in. Kris gives clear explanations of how to cultivate and use sexual energy, solo or with a partner, which are accompanied by photographs to illustrate and inspire.

The distinctions between different Tantric traditions are illuminating. These distinctions help dispel the confusion that surrounds Tantra; confusion which can make it harder for people to find a tradition or teacher that they can flourish with. This section of the book reminded me what I have learnt from different teachers and why I continue to find Taoist Tantra so rewarding.

Why explore sexual energy cultivation? The benefits that this and other Taoist practices can have in our daily lives are written about with great warmth and encouragement. Kris also emphasises the importance of mindful and grounded practice, preferably with the guidance of a teacher. He also includes questions he has been asked, with answers that help us understand Taoist Tantra in the context of our everyday lives.  Miss L. K. London


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About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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