Enjoying the Pace of Life…the Leisure!

As I sit here looking out over the bay I feel I’m in my element!  Just lots of sun, sea, sand and…leisure!  Now I do know I’ll be back to Tai Chi in January and Chi Nei Tsang in April, and whatever comes up in the meantime.  But I am here enjoying life with Anamarta, who is busy keeping the Jade Circle updated and informed of all the goings-on…why, last night trying to pay by travelers cheque the restaurant said ‘No, we don’t take them – have you got anything else?’  Well, just as I said I have a card, the people behind me waved a card and said ‘Merry Christmas!’  And that was just the beginning of the night’s adventures.

A few moments later, sitting ploughing into some local fish, a man came in and said ‘Hello, you look like you’ve been here for a while.’  It was one of the Seven Brothers who owned the restaurant and we had a long and amusing conversation ranging from what would you like to do in London (watch fooftball), to what will you do in Hawaii?  This led to a recommendation to…go to the Mormon Temple!  He wasn’t quite so upfront about it, leading through various ifs and buts, but the sensation was certainly there.  And, who knows, maybe we will.

And this morning, when we went to renew our booking, the helpful lady found us, at first a three day Vehicle Only with a Tent – space for the three days ending on the eve before New Year, and then, well, and then found us a large place, suitable for a big family, but charged us only for the two of us!  What a blessing!  So we piled into the car, drove to the shops and there bought her a present – Anamarta’s loving gift to one who puts helping others first!

That’s all for  now, folks.  Let’s talk again soon!


About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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