Anamarta’s Shamanic Healing

For the ladies or women in your life, Anamarta’s Invitation To:

This coming weekend, the 16th and 17th February, is Crystal Shamanic Healing
Stone People, ancient allies and healing tools.
My dearest and great Teachers, the stone people, with whom I have been working and learning for more than 15 years!
You will LEARN crystal healing to your Womb and your Heart beyond the scope of the Jade Egg – and why?
Because they have the power to conduct and transform energy!  They have an energetic structure!  They can absorb minerals – and some can even absorb oxygen and water!

The following Friday, 22nd February evening, is Hawaiian Shamanic Healing
The Aloha Circle, the way to heal yourself through Love!
Everything is a gift and a blessing, for everything is Love, and gratitude and thanks must be given even for hurt and pain.  Then harmony can be restored between soul and body.
You will experience Hula Dance, part of the Hawaiian Shamanic Healing, and Huna Healing, with Healing Affirmations and the Karmic Map meditation.  When you can forgive the unforgivable then you are truly free!

And then on the weekend of 23rd and 24th February, Taoist Shamanic Healing
Stepping lightly in all realms.
The Shamaness became the Healer in the community and, particularly in the Taoist Tradition, is known only to the community, unknown in the outer world.  This secrecy stems from the days of persecution!
As Healing Warrior the Shamaness mediates with, or combats, Spirit, by taking into herself the energies, to heal and to seal.

Where and When?
Each weekend workshop is £167, and the evening one is £27.
We offer a saving when booking the three together of £297 for the 4.5 days.
3 Holmes Road, Kentish Town. NW5 2AX.
Sign Up Now!
Places are limited.

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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