Taoist Ejaculation Formulas


Much has been written and more discussed about how often a male Taoist practitioner should ejaculate.  The basic idea is that sex is for procreation. We all agree. Confucius and St Paul thought this was its only purpose. In practice we all disagree, even those paying lip-service to the theory.If you are not having sex to create new life, use that immense energy to enhance your own life, by recycling the Qi within, thus depleting your life-force more slowly, and gaining the benefits of a longer and healthier life. Plus longer and more pleasurable sexual encounters.You will find different Taoist teachers teaching various methods: while some declare non-ejaculation injurious, others condemn ejaculating too fast in too much haste. Another says that with the right partner no harm will come even if not following the formulas. And others forbid having any kind of sex after washing your hair, a long journey, eating, or when tired, excited, angry, drunk or constipated so, nowadays, not very often, hey?But how often? That’s the rub. Searching the translated classics uncovers four different recommendations.Formula 1, numbers:
Ejaculate 2 or 3 times in every 10 sexual encounters, regardless of age or season.Formula 2, season:
Every 3 days in Spring, every 15 days in Summer and Autumn, not at all in Winter.
A relationship also has its seasons.Formula 3, age and strength:
Teens and twenties, twice a day for the strong, once for the weak.
Thirties: strong once a day, weak every other day.
Forties: strong 1:3 once in three days, weak once in four days 1:4
Fifties: strong 1:5, weak 1:10
Sixties: strong 1:10, weak 1:20
Seventies+: strong 1:30, weak 0, not at all.Formula 4, age:
Teens and twenties 1:4; Thirties 1:8; Forties 1:16; Fifties 1:21; Sixties+ 1:30.
With the additional advice that men whose Qi is exceptionally strong must not repress themselves too long.I would add that if you are in a partnership, then put the needs of your partner first. Taoist practices are intended to enhance our lives, not make us slaves to formulas.So, have you made your choice?
Well,there is a Fifth formula I have not seen written anywhere, which checks out with the Fang Shi (Masters of the Formula) who have no texts, only the oral transmission:
after recycling three times in one sexual encounter you can go on to full release without energy-loss. Check it out.
Although the formulas are based on Taoist Tantric practice here is a useful little tip from the Hindu classics: when you have passed the point of no return you can still stop, by visualising the god Hanuman swinging from a tree. Hanuman of course is the curly-tailed monkey god.And if you are new to all this stuff and wondering what you are supposed to do when not ejaculating: recycle the energy through the Small Heavenly Cycle (microcosmic orbit) and keep grounded with QiGong.
Most of the calls I get are from chaps in distress trying to go too long without ejaculating, or simply practising non-ejaculation without recycling. It’s all there in Step 1 below.If you are serious about wanting to learn to manage sexual energy, why not sign up for the Weekend Workshops?  You will not regret this decision!Step 1 – Taoist Foundations of Inner Alchemy : Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st November, 10.30 to 18.30 with breaks.  

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If you have any questions, please email Alex, your teacher.

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