Love Story


Here’s a story to tell your lover, about the meeting between Kris and Anamarta.

They met some fourteen and a half years ago at the Festival of Mind Body Spirit, quite by chance if there were such a thing. It was as if their souls leapt out and embraced.

They met four times in those four days, never by arrangement, just trusting the Universe to do the right thing.
In the shamanic practice according to tradition, if you see a creature four times on a shamanic journey then it becomes part of your energy field of Guides, Guardians or Totems, and you should take it home.

So they went home together, and never left.  It was in their own world that they really found each other and lasting fulfilment.  They began teaching Taoist Tantra together, and Anamarta facilitated the Jade Circle® – Tao of Feminine Empowerment in the path of Kuan Yin for Women.
Now their life is filled with the joy of helping others to find the fulfilment and harmony that they have enjoyed from the moment they met, and the knowledge that everything is perfect.

Do you want this?  If you are serious about wanting to learn to manage sexual energy,why not sign up for the Weekend Workshops?  Whether you  are just beginning a sexual relationship, whether you have been in a relationship, or whether you want to bring new life into a relationship!

Step 1 by Zoom – Taoist Foundations of Inner Alchemy : Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st November, 10.30 to 18.30 with breaks.  

Step 2 by Zoom – Taoist Foundations of Healing Love : Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28th November, 10.30 to 18.30 with breaks.
£197 per weekend or £354.60 for both weekends – when you click below you find the Paypal options.
We highly recommend you sign up for both workshops and enjoy the 10% saving offer.

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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