Secrets of Feminine Empowerment

My veil was lifted from behind.  It had been lifted at every step up the low white pyramid, brown hands reaching underneath to bless the various parts of my body.  I had noticed some areas got more blessing than others. Now I stood naked on a white slab, in front of one the like of whom I had never seen, seated lotus-fashion on a stone throne one step below. 

‘His wild eyes stared, the whites showing all around and startling in his almost black face.  Three white stripes were smeared across his forehead, his hair and beard a tangled mass of waist-length black curls.  Around his neck hung a garland of tiny skulls and about his waist a belt of human hands, marked with dried blood. 

‘His emaciated body, naked but for a red cloak loose round his shoulders, was bedaubed with ash.  In his right hand he held a long trident and in his left a human skull.  His whole body trembled slightly.’Blessings of the Great Mother, Terrifier of the Ignorant, Protector of the Enlightened!’

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It is the story of Su Nu, whose father tells of her personal destiny, a perfect match for his young girl, with the son of the Son of Heaven, heir to the Dragon Throne.  It is the story of true feminine empowerment, written by a master!
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About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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