Reframe Mindset for Positivity, Success, Creativity, Motivation, Organisation, Health, Happiness…

 NLP Certified Practitioner Training.   NLP began as a healing therapy some forty years ago, to reframe the mindset, for positivity, or success, creativity, motivation, organisation, health, happiness… even if we have become used to strong negative beliefs since childhood.
Reframing mindset means to let go conditioned thought-patterns put upon us by others, to replace those thoughts with new more useful patterns to lead the life we want, think our own thoughts, reclaim our power. 
We can feel the difference, and see improvement in communication, at home, at work, or out and about – social situations, sports, helping others for example.
I began this training because people on my courses said I was already using it.  I wanted to investigate what it was that they said I was doing.  I discovered that yes, I was already using some of the techniques in my teaching.  What I also realised was that using these techniques and more I began to gain what at the time I could only describe as amazing insights into what clients and students were saying, what they were meaning by their use of language, and what they were not saying in words but showing in their body-talk.  The training filled all the gaps. 
I also learned how to apply these methods not just to understanding, but to give clients powerful tools they could use themselves to find ongoing solutions:  even if I don’t know all their issues I do know that at some deep level we have the resources to help ourselves.  Sometimes it takes just a little step, sometimes a giant leap.

NLP Intensive training is learning how to help others reframe their mindset to achieve ambitions, fulfil desires, and solve problems, in short to be more effective, and how to make a decent living at it if you so choose. Practitioner and Master-Practitioner qualifications are the internationally recognised Certificates of the Society of Neurolinguistic Programming.

If you want more information – and sharing an experience as I will be giving a demo – then come by on 27th March, 7pm to 8.30pm.  Or if you know you can make good use of a powerful and effective means of helping yourself and others, why wait?  Sign up now! to catch the early bird.

27th March Healing NLP  Free Talk & Demonstration with Kris Deva North, Licensed Trainer for Society of NLP – Richard Bandler.  No pre-requisites, All Welcome. Kentish Town Studio, 141-145 Kentish Town Road (Side Entrance in Castle Place), Camden, London NW1 8PB

March 31st thru 7th April Healing NLP Certified Practitioner Training with Kris Deva North, SNLP Licensed Trainer.  No pre-requisites, All Welcome. Kentish Town Studio, 141-145 Kentish Town Road (Side Entrance in Castle Place), Camden, London NW1 8PB
14th thru 21st April Healing NLP Certified Master-Practitioner Training with Kris Deva North.  Pre-requisites: Practitioner Certificate. Kentish Town Studio, 141-145 Kentish Town Road (Side Entrance in Castle Place), Camden, London NW1 8PB

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About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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