Chinese New Year Welcomes the Tiger

The oldest and most important festival celebrated in China, the Spring Festival, known in the West as the Chinese New Year, will begin on Feb. 1  It arrives with the second new moon after the winter solstice. Like the West, the East has a zodiac, but the Eastern system has a cycle of 12 years, instead of months.

The Chinese apply the five elements: Metal, Water, Fire, Wood and Earth into the Chinese calendar. This year, the element associated with the Year of the Tiger is Water.  You can be sure this will be an exciting year!

 This will be a year favoured with daring action. Expect good deeds of strength and courage in the face of the many challenges ahead. There will be a stronger sense of justice and commitment for the greater good.
We are slowly gaining back our confidence that things are getting better.

Have you chosen your gift for the New Year?
Read the following, and see if it appeals to you, male or female!  Then buy it and give a great review!

‘I enjoyed watching them, sometimes lying close to feel the movement of one or other, or both, against my own body.  Then, one housebound afternoon, seated, Strumming the Lute strings as I watched, I felt my own climax beginning.

Squeezing my buttocks together I imagined that soft sweet liquid light flowing up my spine, from the base to the waist, up between my shoulder blades, up the back of my neck to the crown of my head and from there cascading down my whole body, intensifying as it spread through arms, wrists and hands to the tip of my every finger, down my legs to the tip of every toe, intensifying and increasing, more and yet more, until I felt myself packed with ecstasy in every pore.

When the bliss became almost unbearable I felt my climax condense into an ecstasy accumulating at the base of my body.  I tightened my muscles down there, sealing the Jade Gate.  Then began the waves, great waves of unspeakable delight coursing through my blood, my bones, the channels of my energy.
A scream rises from my throat.  I clench my teeth to suppress it, and my ecstasy intensifies.  My body jerks.  I suppress it, and the intensity increases.  I become the ocean, the ocean my blood, I am my own bloodstream flowing from my heart.  The thunder of my heart times with lightning in my belly, flashes of lightning in rhythm with the contractions of my Jade Gate.

Silent now, rigid, holding the contraction at the base of my body I touch my tongue to the roof of my mouth and with my mind’s eye look inward and upward, out through my crown to the night sky, the stars and planets, constellations and galaxies of the visible universe.  I enter the North Star, gateway to the universe beyond the visible, the white mountain reflected in the crystal lake, the ancient healing forest, fire in the ocean, the sun under water.’

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