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An Introductory Talk on Chi Nei Tsang, the ancient Taoist art of Healing.
Stress relief, energy boost, detoxification, deep relaxation, emotional balance, improved breathing and digestion, health maintenance, pain management, care and maintenance of the vital organs: just some of the holistic benefits seen in Chi Nei Tsang – Taoist Massage – Hara Shiatsu, the amazing, powerful, hands-on natural therapy brought to the West by the Taoist Master Mantak Chia.
Just £5

It’s on Wednesday 28th of March, at 7pm to 9pm, Carlton Primary School, London NW5 3AX.
Come along and bring a friend!

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Chi Nei Tsang and Taoist Teaching

Chi Nei Tsang is the mark of an enquiring mind, the kind of mind that wants to dig and delve into the cause of everything!  And having dug and delved, to work on a solution, the kind of solution that fits the receiver, and the giver too.
April 7th and 8th, 1030am to 5pm, at Carlton Primary School, 196 Grafton Road, Kentish Town NW5 3AX.
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Looking ahead, one can see the leadership potential of Taoist Teaching: the Tai Chi Instructor training that helps bring out the best in oneself, the very real way of learning the Art of Tai Chi!  Whether to learn for yourself, or to teach others, this is the way for you!
4th to 11th August, Ponte de Lima, Portugal.
Sign up Now!  Only 11 days left for the SuperEarlyBird!

Looking forward to welcoming you!

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A Very Special Evening!

Taoist Healing Love, Sex and Ecstasy!  How to unwrap the gift of love, to enjoy great sex through all the phases of life? By learning to combine the urgency of New Love, described in the classics as Heaven’s Dew, with the prolonged ecstasy of slow burning passion, the Art of the Bedchamber shows the way.

However good you are already, yes, you can be a better lover! Whatever our secret fear, whether insensitivity or rejection, we can learn to overcome it. Some boil, some simmer, sprinters or marathon runners, non-starters or non-finishers, all can learn, all can benefit, all can enjoy! Whether we use these ancient but ageless techniques for tantric enlightenment or sensual gratification, it’s better together!  Our mission is to demystify the mystery, to share practical ways to infinite pleasure that every lover can learn.

Men Only!  Psychosynthesis Trust 92-94 Tooley Street, London Bridge SE1 2TH, Thursday 1st March, 7.30 to 9pm.  Your host, Kris Deva North.


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My First Shamanic Experience

Growing up in Africa, my first shamanic experience was with a medicine man/shaman on the farm in Kenya, who said that my hands had healing power.  Nthenge Ngubi was his name and he had a game leg and a young, beautiful wife.  We would go to him if the rains were late, or a crop had some mysterious illness, or a baby was born with a strange growth.

But one day his wife came down with a fever and he came to me.  I went to see her and went along the track towards the boys accommodation.  It was a quieter night, only the hooting of an owl or the crash of a buffalo gave warning that there was anything else around.  I came to a house with lights outside. She lay looking at the wall.  I took her hands in mine.  They felt hot.  Hot and dry.  She had a headache, she told me.

I didn’t know what to do.  So I joined her, staring at the wall. After half-an-hour or more, she stirred. ‘What time is it?’ she said. I never knew her name.  ‘Eight thirty,’ I replied.  Whereupon she arose and went about her business!

What was it?  I, aged fifteen at the time, had no idea.  But whatever it was, it worked, and it set me along the path of healing.

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Tai Chi!

Shadowy movements at dawn in the park, neither dancing nor fighting though to me it looked like both. My mother danced with Margot Fonteyn and enrolled me in my aunt’s ballet school but I retired at five, so no competition for Billy.  The fighting came later, first at school whacking Fatty Barnard across the ring under the smiling Irish eyes of Father Paddy Noonan, then my chum James to win the Army Garrison title in Malta before being KO’d by a Marine in Hong Kong. Karate in my forties to get fit after a hernia op but longer recovery times sparring with teens and twenties retired me after four stubborn years.

Learning the Way of the Hidden Masters gave a sense of reality to this ancient art emulating the heroes of yore, the warriors, the fighting nuns and monks. Master Ho explained it can be practiced at any age, for health, to enhance our protective energy-field, to strengthen our physical and energetic immune system, to connect with higher and lower forces on the spiritual path, for self-defense, or simply to harmonies with our environment and alleviate the effects of stress.

The double-helix spirals reunite the Yang and Yin forces of creation, to ebb and flow throughout the meridian network, feeding the organs that sustain our life. We open and stimulate the meridians, the energy-flow channels, enabling the bio-electro-magnetic force, Qi or chi, to come on full charge as we do the slow graceful form.  Healers and Martial Artists improve external Qi-projection and internal rooting. Meditators develop the rootedness to keep safe when practicing kundalini or astral projection in the higher meditations.

Tai Chi comes to us as a gift from the past, a way to create our own tranquility: “to keep our cool when all about us might be losing theirs.”

Do you want to learn? 
Then come on by our first Tai Chi training  starting this Thursday 13th February, 7 to 8.30pm at Psychosynthesis Trust, 92-94 Tooley Street, London Bridge SE1 2TH – 2nd Floor, Room 32.  You can Book Your Place Now! 

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The shaman, as ‘mediator with spirit’ is chosen by spirit and called by humans when healing practices such as herbs, massage, acupuncture or allopathy have failed. If the sickness prevails, Shaman finds out from Spirit what healing the soul needs for the body to be whole again. Everything is a gift and a blessing, for everything is Love, and gratitude and thanks must be given even for hurt and pain. Then harmony can be restored between soul and body.

Come along and learn more: 8th February, 7pm-8.30pm, Carlton Primary School, 196 Grafton Road, NW5 4AX.

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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Shamans

The Year of the Dog begins with a bang – or should I say a shout?  Don’t want to crow about the 10,000 Likes on our Healing Tao facebook page, but certainly happy about the feather in our cap from Tai Chi Teacher Training in Portugal!

Meanwhile, just 4 weeks to go to one of our most exciting annual events: the 4-Day Introductory Workshop on the Secrets of Taoist Shamanic Healing, 23rd through 26th February, ancient wisdoms relevant even today in our frenetic modern lives, as shown by feedback from previous years:

I loved this shamanic healing course. It reminded me of how powerful we really are in the world. There are so many ‘other’ worldly shamanic tools available to help us. I loved the Cosmic Qigong- Hands of Light… I felt my intuition and psychic abilities being fine tuned. Anamarta and Kris were amazing teachers – fully present and sharing their extensive experience of healing and of many different traditions, enriching the teachings. I would love to do the workshop again! MG, Dublin

Secrets of Taoist Shamanic Healing workshop was another step forward in my Life, a great and favorable experience. Kris and Anamarta were really good shamanic guides and teachers. Here, I reaffirmed that I have a really good intuition overall, I learnt more about my inner Self and tools to protect it. Totally recommended! Elena, Edinburgh

Come on by and find out for yourself!  Plus, there’s a Talk on the 8th February.

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