You Think You’re Nearly There…but wait!

Are You Really?  Now is the time to look around you, to see what you have missed, to inspect what you can do with your energy.
You’ve done some Tai Chi, maybe you’ve brushed up on the basic Taoist meditation, you know, the Smile, the Sounds, the Orbit.
Or maybe you haven’t!

If you want to make the real things happen, if you want to feel the deep feelings that others claim to have felt, why not try QiGong? It comes from your heart, your soul, the depth of your being and, in time, from the sky above, down through the innermost fibres of life. I will be teaching the secrets of QiGong every week, from Monday onwards.

Eight Pieces of Brocade. This a free-standing and free-form style, using it to ease the flow of ‘qi’ – energy – through your whole being.
And then, Iron Shirt, or Steel Body, QiGong. This will develop grounding and rooting, so that you cannot be moved!

Come back on Sunday! And get ready for Monday!

AnamartaKris photo session 43

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So That’s How Its Done!

I really did not know it could be so simple!

When I started teaching – oh, how many years ago was that?  Let’s just look at the past forty, because before that I was teaching guns and bayonets.

I went abroad, to the hippy island of Koh Pha Ngan, in Thailand, where I was teaching Taoist meditation on the beach.
There was no internet!
I came back to UK.
Still, in the early part of 1990s, no internet.
Then it came, and marketing began.  I kind of grew up with it.  It became second nature.

But then, this year, Coronavirus!
What to do?!
Then I saw a few people were running online courses.
I decided to give it a try.  I sought help, my partner Anamarta dancing in India, my son Alex, his wife Kezia.
My first effort was introducing him as a teacher of the Taoist practice, with full-on help from Kezia.
That worked.

Then I needed to master Zoom.
That worked too!  After a few discouraging mistakes, corrected by Kezia and Alex. with a huge load of encouragement from Anamarta..
And then, well, I ran a program teaching people Tai Chi.
And it was wonderful!
Step by step, and they are beginning to show its mastery!

I’ve started it yesterday, eight steps to learn the Form, teaching the whole thing to start with and then breaking it down, step by step.
You know, I think this is the way forward.  You can join it too!  Go to my web page and you will see how to join.
I’m looking forward to seeing you, and sharing this wonderful practice!  Who would have thought, forty years ago teaching on the beach, to nowadays, teaching online!

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Tai Chi Online!


I’m Kris Deva North, a Senior Instructor of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. And I’m going to be teaching you in the comfort of your own home!  Tai Chi combines fitness, flexibility, and effective ways to manage stress while at the same time giving a fantastic energy boost!

Taoists consider Tai Chi as one of the highest forms of Moving Meditation, harmonising Yang and Yin, and Qigong as Standing Meditation, for grounding and rooting. Together they combine fitness, flexibility, and effective ways to manage stress.

We practice a short (13-Movement, 4 Directions, Yin and Yang) Yang Family form evolved from Grandmaster Mantak Chia’s Tai Chi Qigong and the Push-Hands from Master Lim of Penang, student from one of greatest Tai Chi Masters from the last century, Cheng Man Ching.

I feel honoured to be part of this lineage and deeply grateful to my teachers for the opportunity of sharing this Martial Art, Tai Chi, which literally means “Supreme Ultimate Force”; a way of living.

Timings and cost: starting at 6pm on Wednesday 29th April,
Wednesday 29th April at 6pm
Sunday 3rd May at 12noon
Wednesday 6th May at 6pm
Sunday 10th May at 12noon
Wednesday 13th May at 6pm
Sunday 17th May at 12noon
Wednesday 20th May at 6pm
Sunday 24th May at 12 noon

Each class lasts about an hour, including Warm Up, QiGong, and The Tai Chi Form. The classes are online – in the comfort of your own home!
£8 per class, or £49 for the course as a whole.

Join anytime! You simply need to send me your email address! I will then activate the Zoom technique! email me

The classes are for Beginners and Intermediate.  People who have done the Advanced Training do need to practice, but push-hands does need another individual!  However, you are welcome to refresh!

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Introducing Alex West and the Zooooom

Hello, and this is the follow-up I promised you on Friday.

First off, I’d like to introduce you to my son. Alex West.  I know, I’m North and he’s West, but don’t let that worry you – we’ve both changed our names.
He’s been studying with me since the age of ten, and I’m not going to tell you how old he is now, but I’m 79.
And in those years he’s picked up as much of the Taoist teachings as anyone could. And we’re teaching to mixed groups, men and women.
We’re going to start with the basics, Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, and Microcosmic Orbit.
If that goes well, and you will be the judge, then we might throw in Healing Love and Fusion of the Five Elements – but that’s looking a bit too far ahead.  Just for now I’m going to write again on Thursday with a bit more of the Taoist information.
Now some of you will be familiar with the Zoom technology, but this is for those who are not – like me!
My son Alex has explained it to me, and here I am explaining it to you. If you already have a Zoom account then read no further – just send me your email!
It is, in fact, really simple!
All we need is your email address, which of course I have here, which is why you’re getting this newsletter!
However, for the purpose of Zooming, I would like you to send it to me again, so that I can pass it on to Alex.
Then he will contact you and take you through the steps to get the Zoom-power working for you.
Here it is in table form:
You send me your email.
I pass it on to him.
He then contacts you.
Then you have to pay! Remember, its just £11 for one session, or to get the repeat on Sunday, £15.  And of course if you want to go the whole hog, £45 for the six sessions.
Or simply £33 for the Inner Smile + Six Healing Sounds + Microcosmic Orbit, without the repeater sessions.
And you can pay by Paypal or BACS.
Allow just a little time before panicking – I have to send him your emails and he has to get in touch with you to sort things out.
Well, I hope that was clear!  Just remember, you need to send me your email!  Then sit back, relax, and wait for the action.
And don’t forget, it starts next Saturday, 3pm to 4.30pm, with a repeat on Sunday: the first module, the Inner Smile!
And I’m going to write again on Thursday just to remind you!
And now – your email!
All the best to you

And here is Alex helping you to get Zoom!

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Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

Introducing my son, Alex West, who is going to take you through the basics of Taoist Practice, starting with the Inner Smile. going through the Six Healing Sounds, and culminating with the Microcosmic Orbit! Below you will see his picture.

I am well aware of the lockdown and its continuation over the next three weeks. Many of you have been asking me for some help with the practices. So I have combined the two: the first module of the Healing Tao is going to be in your hands, starting next weekend, the 25th and 26th of April, 2020, using the Zoom technology – that means the internet.

And the first module will be the Inner Smile, which we will run through with you on Saturday 25th, and then repeating on Sunday 26th, 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm.
The following weekend will be the Six Healing Sounds, and then the Microcosmic Orbit.

Now, whether you are a long-time practitioner or a first-time beginner, this is the opportunity for you!
And the cost? Just £11. And if you want to make sure you’ve got it, you can repeat it on Sunday – £15 for both days! Multiply that for three weekends – it’s £45.

I will be writing again, with more information, on Sunday – this Sunday 19th April.

All the best to you – stay home – save lives!

Kris Deva North


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Chi Nei Tsang delay until 3rd & 4th October

Chi Nei Tsang Training Weekend

The Chi Nei Tsang training weekend is delayed to 3rd and 4th October.
After much thought and appreciation of the risks involved, I have come to the conclusion that I must delay the weekend 4th and 5th April to October 3rd and 4th.

It’s not that there will be anyone attending who actually has the virus! I am confident that you will have taken good care of yourself, but to minimise the risk I have decided on this delay.

I hope that by the time this weekend comes round in October that the powers-that-be have taken the measures to prevent spread.

Again, I’m very sorry to have taken this measure, but I’m sure you will understand.

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From Hunter to Healer, in the Year of the Golden Rat!


From Hungry Rat to Positive Healer

From 4th to 5th April 2020, 10.30 to 5.30, Sign Up Now!

Chi Nei Tsang – Taoist Healing – Hara Shiatsu 

by Kris Deva North

Chi Nei Tsang, a branch of Taoist medicine, was introduced to the West by the Taoist Master Mantak Chia. It is a method for releasing the toxic winds of emotional energy, which can be either the cause or effect of sickness.

Energy blockages arising from organ obstructions and congestion in the abdomen can result in knots and tangles at the centre of the body’s vital functions, impeding the flow of Qi, the life-force or bioelectromagnetic field described by Deepak Chopra as energy-intelligence. Emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, depression and worry are related to different organs. When the Qi of an internal organ is in a state of imbalance, it emanates toxic wind. Diagnosing the energetic condition, the Chi Nei Tsang practitioner uses intention and touch to influence the participant’s Qi and “chase the winds”.

Wind is an energetic vibration which, whether toxic or the vital source of life, enters the being through the “mountains”, which include the pointed bones of the nose, coccyx, fingers, toes, knees and elbows. Winds drain out through “marshes” such as the anus, vagina, eye of the penis, pores of the skin, mouth, armpits, backs of knees and front of elbows. The mouth, navel, palm, sole and perineum are among the two-way conduits. A practitioner disperses or directs winds through marsh or mountain, often using supplementary meridians or points.

When obstructed the internal organs store unhealthy energies than can overflow into other systems and manifest as negative emotions and sickness. In search of an outlet these toxic energies create a cycle of negativity and stress, festering in the organs and overflowing into the abdomen, the body’s garbage dump. The energetic centre of the body at the navel becomes congested and cut off from the rest of the body.

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We are entering the Year of the Golden Rat, starting today, 25th January 2020, ending on February 11th 2021.

The Year will be a year of new beginnings! A Year of Renewal, opportunities for finding true love and earning more money. 2020 is going to be successful! 
After 2019, a year full of unpredictable situations in love matters, 2020 is going to be more peaceful. Thus, your love life enters a harmonious path, and communication helps to maintain it.

Rats are clever, quick thinkers; successful, but content with living a quiet and peaceful life.  Optimistic and energetic, people born in the Rat year are likable by all.

According to myth, the Jade Emperor said the Order of Animals would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. The Rat tricked the Ox into giving him a ride. Then, just as they arrived at the finish line, Rat jumped down and landed ahead of Ox, becoming first.

In Chinese culture, rats were seen as a sign of wealth and surplus. Because of their reproduction rate, married couples also prayed to them for children.

Men born in the Rat year are clever and adapt quickly to new environments. They are creative, great at taking advantage of opportunities.

Women born in the Rat year are traditional. They love keeping things organized and place great value on the family.

Most compatible with Rat:  Rat’s fixed Earthly Branch is water, while Ox is earth. They complement and help one another in both work and life.  Couples that are formed from Rat and Dragon will be able to understand each other well, and enjoy success together.  Similar to Dragons, Monkeys get along great with Rats, and tend to live happily ever after like a fairy tale.

Least compatible with Rat: The Earthly Branches of Rat and Horse clash strongly. No matter what a Rat does, it won’t be enough for the Horse.  Goats are attracted to Rat’s wealth and hope to control it, making it a rocky relationship.  The Rabbit will either purposely or unintentionally go against the Rat’s wishes, while the Rat can only keep silent.

The Chinese say that nothing scares Luck more than when you doubt it. In turn, those who show enthusiasm and act quickly will be able to ensure their success.

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Meditation in Motion – TAI CHI for All!


Tai Chi – with Kris Deva North, Senior Instructor of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

Next Weekday Course is 9th January 2020 for seven Thursdays, ending on 20th February.
7pm to 8.30pm at Melvin Hall Community Centre, Melvin Road SE20 8EU

£11 per class, or £57 for the course
Join anytime!

I don’t know if you have noticed that people who do Tai Chi seem to stand straighter yet more relaxed, move more easily with a kind of fluid grace? Have you wondered why, and how? Well, Tai Chi combines fitness, flexibility, and effective ways to manage stress while at the same time giving a fantastic energy boost!

Taoists consider Tai Chi as one of the highest forms of Moving Meditation, harmonising Yang and Yin, and Qigong as Standing Meditation, for grounding and rooting. Together they combine fitness, flexibility, and effective ways to manage stress while at the same time giving a fantastic energy boost!

Now you can have this too when you come on by to combine Moving Meditations for Fitness + Flexibility, Build Confidence, Recapture Lost Energy, Turn Stress Into Vitality, Inner Strength for Inner Peace!

Join here!

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Healing Light of the Tao + Taoist Tantra

A very special Deal to enhance your Festive Season!


Healing Light of the Tao

Healing Light of the Tao presents more advanced methods of chi cultivation, offering a full understanding of Taoist spiritual theory. Includes more advanced meditation methods for absorbing the higher frequencies of Earth Force, Cosmic Force, and Universal Force (Heavenly chi). It establishes a spiritual science that emphasizes practical benefits to health, sexual vitality, and emotional balance.
This book teaches how to heal yourself by pulsing Chi through the key points of the body, relax and smile your way to enlightenment with the Cosmic Inner Smile, redirect sexual passion into a loving heart and speed your spiritual growth, quickly energize any meditation with Spinal Chi Kung warm-ups.

This manual shows how to circulate the life-force or Chi in a simple loop up the spine and down the front acupuncture channels of the body. Balancing these yang (male) and yin (female) currents of bio-energy is the most direct path to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  (Retail £23.00)

Taoist Tantra

Guiding you gently through Taoist Tantric Love techniques – 69 minutes of Earthly Bliss and Heavenly O…All human sex is sacred in the union of Yang, the Force of Heaven, with Yin, the Power of Earth. Understanding the physical orgasm enables experience of the spiritual orgasm. By consciously guiding your love-energy in the small heavenly cycle you can grasp the moment of sexual climax and generate the experience of subtle clear light, or Union with the Tao, the Divine Love. (Retail £9.97)

The Deal

Buy both these items for … £11.00, yes, that’s eleven pounds!    BUT…there are only 7 copies available of the book! So make your decision now and tell me by 14th December.  I will get them to you right away.


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